plastic welding

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plastic welding

Post by M&T82WING »

Hi Every one we've been so busy lately got a new job with with 20 hr of over time a week just havent had much time to finish our 82 Interstate. My question is what kind of plastic is the body parts of our wing made of. When our newer trunk arived it was cracked in almost the same place's that our's is so I've been looking for another one it seam's as though there all cracked or there beond our means and then there's the shipping we are very hestant about shipping thats were all the damage came from when we got the last one not again are we going to pay out landish shipping cost's only to receve it busted up. So while I was shopping at Harbor freight I found plastic welding tool's some were made for auto bumpers the flexable type one other one was for ABS type is that type of plastic that Honda used? Any help would be great thats all thats left for us to do is weld up the broken parts and paint it up real pretty and hit the road after all this over time is over I'm just thank full to be working again and have to be OTR chasing an endless yellow ribon water to water. May God Bless everyone.
Mark & Tamilee

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Re: plastic welding

Post by britman »

i use an abs glue for plumbing its the universal glue and a roofing fiber tape from any hardware store cost about 20 for both . i put some glue over the bamaged part and layer it up works fine for me
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Re: plastic welding

Post by Mooseman »

I also use ABS cement to repair my honda parts. You can also buy a small piece of ABS pipe or fitting, Take a rough rasp and take the filings and mix them in with the ABS cement. Spread on and let dry and then add another layer. I also mix in fiberglass cuttings to give it some strength when needed. Rough up the part with some coarse sandpaper and wipe with a little acetone or MEK. Where gloves and a reperator when working with this stuff. Acetone and MEK mixed with ABS make up the ABS cement. I have used this method to make little tabs that have been broken off. I make a mold out of clay and then pour in a little cement and let dry. Keep adding till I get the thickness I want.
I have never tried any of the kits. Napa Auto Parts did have some stuff on their counter for awhile that would stick to ABS and other plastics.
Enjoy the ride. They are all good, just some better than others.
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Re: plastic welding

Post by WingAdmin »

Exactly what Mooseman said. All Goldwings use ABS for all of their plastic. You can use fancy plastic welding systems, but it's just as easy (and you end up with stronger results) to use the ABS/cement slurry that Mooseman described. The slurry will bind to the existing ABS and become part of it, resulting in a thicker, stronger piece than it was originally.

Have a look at my How to add a trunk rack to your bike article, and you can see how I used ABS drain pipe to bond to the inside of my trunk lid, to strengthen it and prevent it from cracking when I added a trunk rack to it.

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