Drained Anti-Freeze by mistake on my 1986 Interstate

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Drained Anti-Freeze by mistake on my 1986 Interstate

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So I took my 1986 1200 to my storage and went to change the oil on my instead of pulling the oil pan plug in the back (under the right foot peg).

I pulled the antifreeze plug (up front near the oil filter).

I let it train out most of the way until I realized that it was green :(

So now I have to refill the anti-freeze. Is there a particular brand or type to use? Also, i can fill it up under the faux gas tank correct? How to I know how much to add back in?


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Re: Drained Anti-Freeze by mistake on my 1986 Interstate

Post by WingAdmin »

Congratulations, you just performed an unintended maintenance item. :) Coolant really should be flushed and changed out every couple of years.

You should drain and clean out the coolant reservoir while you're at it. You can gain access to it under the false tank lid. Sludge tends to collect at the bottom of it, I use a hose connected to a shop vac to suck that out - then I'll pour water in, slosh it around, and suck that out, until it's all clean.

Have a look at How to flush your cooling system for some details.

You're going to need to get access to the radiator cap, which means you have to remove the false tank. All told, you'll need 3 quarts of coolant - you can use any automotive non-silicate (important!!) coolant, but I use Honda HP coolant on my bikes, and have for years with excellent results.

Once you've filled the radiator, run the bike for 3-4 minutes with the cap off and top up the radiator as the level drops (this is required to "burp" the air out of the system). Then replace the cap, fill the reservoir to the "full" line and you're done.
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