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Good mourning,
I just recently read a post by N2PPN about firing up his 81 after years of being down and he mentioned the good sounds he heard- exhaust, etc. He mentioned the transmission chain whine. I have a high pitched whine at higher RPM's and was wondering if it may be my whine. For you people who live in a rural area it sounds like the sound a Spring Peeper makes- those little frogs in the spring that really carry on around dusk. It is about at that pitch. If I pull the clutch in at speed and coast it seems to disappear. I had posted earlier that it seems to come from the front of the bike but with all the body work I didn't know if it might be bouncing off the fairing. Any comments or advise would be appreciated
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Re: Whine

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If it's coming from the front, check carefully in the timing belt area. If the belt is in good condition, also check the belt tensioner bearing to see if maybe it's gone dry and ready to fail.
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