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Many times I've seen posts about a fuse that's intermittently blowing, being this symptom one of the more difficult to resolve.
While VOM or Ohmmeter are precious tools, I normally relay on very simple mickey mouse jig, which I post here to your serve.
The fuse adapter I've made with 2 male spade terminals, piece of 2 mm copper wire and some molding acrylic, and 45W head lamp.

I plug it in place of blowing fuse, and attach the lamp across terminals; while rocking suspecting connectors, wire harness or relays, if the lamp comes on, almost sure you've found the trouble. Second jig is almost same for smaller power, cable of about 3', plastic bottle w/ cup - keeps the lamp safe- which is in bike all the time as a tester tool.

After I've found the malfunction, or completed a new accessory installation I jump the ends with calibrated Amp wire -or slim wire - for a complete field test for some time, then replace it for OEM rated fuse.
Just my two cents.

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Thank you for sharing your innovative approach to a problem that we sometimes take too lightly.
Here we are able to get ohmmeters easily in fact many times free, where others are not so fortunate.
Good luck to you on continuing to find ways of working around things that we take for granted.
It's never too late to have a happy childhood!

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