Damn Mice!!

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Damn Mice!!

Post by Saintjude33 »

Ok- here's a new one to me. I see that we have a link to mouse-proofing air boxes, how about exhaust pipes?

I've searched the forums, and all I have come up with was that the mouse nest wasn't the power problem, mine's a bit different. I spent two weeks smelling burnt toast every time I took my Wing out for a run, and I don't think anyone could survive that many strokes, so I looked into it a bit. Got home one afternoon, and it looked like I had a cigar smoldering in the right pipe. I immediately fired her back up, hit the accelerator a few times and some tiny black things shot out of my pipes.

Dog food. Crispy, toasty, beefy, smoky, burnt.......dog food.

So I'm pretty much sure I have a mouse problem.

I don't usually mind mice, but this is not acceptable- any ideas on how I can prevent mice from nesting and hoarding my poor dog's kibble in my bike?

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Re: Damn Mice!!

Post by Bluewaterhooker0 »

I've thought about Moth Balls in the general area. Anyone have experience or success with them. They DO stink !
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Re: Damn Mice!!

Post by WingAdmin »

I suppose you could use what we use on airplanes - covers. Covers for just about every opening, to keep out mice, bugs, water, and anything else that shouldn't go in there.

Of course, the problem then is remembering to take all the covers off before you go. That's the reason for those red ribbons...

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Re: Damn Mice!!

Post by keithg64 »

Maybe mice traps by where you store the dog food.
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Re: Damn Mice!!

Post by robb »

When not ridden let bike idle for 5 minutes a week.Little critters can't grow fast enough in a week to survive being cooked and blown away.
If a squirrel can get into the air box what real chance do we have with a mouse.
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Re: Damn Mice!!

Post by landisr »

How about storing the dog food in something mouse-proof?

Ron in AZ

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