Probably dumbest question ever

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Probably dumbest question ever

Post by maritimeboy »

I'm working with the 80 gl1100 wiring schematic and see the term, "tube" in a number of places. Is it safe to assume these are tube connectors for joining 2 wire ends?


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Re: Probably dumbest question ever

Post by deanbw »

Actually I think what you are looking at is color coding tubes. I bet if you look, you will see lets say "OR tube" on your diagram, if you find that wire on the bike it is probably a black wire with an orange band (or tube) on it near the plug.
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Re: Probably dumbest question ever

Post by virgilmobile »

Interesting...I read about this and found a single entry for the word "tube" in the electrical section.
It's as shown here..

.I am speculating that in some wiring bundles,there may be a colored band attached around it (in a tube fashion) as a form of identification like this...

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Re: Probably dumbest question ever

Post by dadztoy »

First of all, there are no dumb questions!!! The only "dumb question" is the one not asked... If you don't know, ask, that's how we all learn...

Now that said, I don't know the answer to your question but I too have seemingly learned a new fact today so thank you for that...


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