Anyone use fix a flat just to get home?

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Anyone use fix a flat just to get home?

Post by flw »

I've thought of carrying a can of fix a flat in case of emergency. I know it leaves a mess for the person removing the tire but if it saves me a tow and gets me home, it could be worth trying?

I know the size and location of the hole or cut will determine if it even has a chance of working. If it can be temporary patched, how long in time and or how far in miles were you able to go?

Also front or rear tire, were you two up, towing, general load from driver to passenger, if air adjustable shock did you change the pressure etc ...

Thank you for your real world experiences.

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Re: Anyone use fix a flat just to get home?

Post by bigl54 »

In 1974 on a 8 week 10,000 mile motorcycle ride around the usa on a 550 Honda cb, starting and ending in southern Ca. Picked up a nail, rear tire went completely flat 2 miles from my Grandfathers house in Arkansas, Used a auto sized fix a flat, drove it to gas station put 35 lbs in it, drove it to Grandpa's house, fixed it from there. The only blip in the whole trip. Had the bike top heavy with gear.
Did happen to see alot of broke down Harleys alone the way.
I now ride a 1991 Honda gl 1500 aspy with sidecar, never without my x-large can of fix a flat.
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Re: Anyone use fix a flat just to get home?


I never did it, but I would keep in mind the whole time - "my tire might blow out at any moment" I would drive VERY slowly and carefully and get it repaired as soon as possible.
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Re: Anyone use fix a flat just to get home?

Post by goldtr6c »

I hate the stuff. It may hold for 1000 miles or it may let go ten seconds after get back up to speed. Once you've used it, its almost imposible to get a patch to stick inside the carcas. If I get a small nail, I will try and use a mini plug (getting hard to find) a standard plug for others. I try to use them without reeming the hole bigger. Doesn't always work. I will then put a proper patch on went I get home. After huricane IKE hit us a couple years ago, it was impossible to go anywhere without picking up a nail or screw. I realy got sick and tired of pulling the rear off my 85 LTD on a weekly basis todo tire patching, but I got pairly proficient at it.
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Re: Anyone use fix a flat just to get home?

Post by Winginhunk »

I have used a can of it twice and given a can to another rider who got a flat. For me the first time it did work and was able to get to where I could do a proper repair (tire replacement this time). The second time the puncture was too big and the foam stuff was coming out faster than I could put it in. Ended up calling for a tow. The can I gave out was on the North Cascades Highway to another rider. It worked for him and got him across the mountains. He didn't want to repair it right away, and we parted company so I don't know what happen to him (I didn't know him, it was just a chance encounter).

If at all possible, a proper repair on the side of the road is best. I carry a small 12 volt pump and a selection of those sticky rope flat repair kits. If you have tube tires, carry a spare tube and the needed tools to remove the tire.
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Re: Anyone use fix a flat just to get home?

Post by jinx »

If you have a tire pressure monitoring system, TPMS and you use flatfix it will probably damage the sensor.

I have used it and it did work but I also had to replace the sensor in the tire.
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Re: Anyone use fix a flat just to get home?

Post by snackpak »

Put a can in on a 75 750 Honda, Went about 7 miles and it went flat again. If you have tubeless tires, Best bet is to have tire plugs. Did that with a brand new rear tire on a 1800, Tire only had 350 miles on it. Pulled nail, put rope plug in and some air, Tire now has 10,600 miles on it.

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