water out engine thats been underwater

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water out engine thats been underwater

Post by lannie.scott »

how do I get the water out of 2012 gl 1800 Goldwing that's been under water

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Re: water out engine thats been underwater

Post by virgilmobile »

Mine was submersed for 2 days in flood water.I did post about this. I immediate drained the oil and filter and filled the crankcase full with diesel fuel.
Beware that if it's been a while with water in it,you can expect rust and plenty of corrosion.
I spent almost a month working on mine.Plenty of washing and flushing before I even tried to start it.
If it went under its best to strip all the plastic off to get to everything to look.
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Re: water out engine thats been underwater

Post by thrasherg »

I would do the same thing that I do for my dirt bikes when they have been submerged in river crossings. Drain engine and transmission oil, drain fuel tank (gas will absorb water), remove the spark plugs (otherwise you get hydraulic lock). add new cheap oil to engine and transmission. add fresh gas to tank, spin engine over on electric start to get all water out of cylinders. Fit new sp[ark plugs and try to start engine. Once it fires up, let it idle for a little while then take it on a short 30 mile ride to get the engine good and warm and give the cheap oil a chance to absorb any water that might still be in the engine. then get home and perform an engine and transmission oil change again, but with good quality oil, and then try to ride it regularly for the next few days to really get any water out of the engine and electrical system, heat and moving air are a great way to dry things out..
Also check if their is a water drain plug on the goldwing airbox that might need removing to let any water out. The seat foam can often absorb water, but the only way I have found to dry that is time and regular rides!!

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Re: water out engine thats been underwater

Post by bentleyss »

Used to do this with Hydroplanes....drain engine fill it with automatic tranny fluid, let it sit for 20 mins then drain . Do it again ....then drain, fill engine with rubbing alcohol , then drain it. Fill it again with rubbing alcohol ...drain again. Sorry , forgot ..spark plugs out from beginning. After second draining of alcohol fill engine with oil and turn over by hand . Drain the oil out ....Fill with decent oil and try to start. If motor goes let it run for 15-20 mins . Drain again and fill with good oil and go for a drive around the neighborhood ,close to home and hopefully with a friend to help get it home should it stall. If it runs decent go for a longer ride. I know it's a lot of draining and filling but a whole lot cheaper than an engine build. Did this for many flipped small hydroplanes and one Honda lawnmower my a neighbor drove into the canal by accident . Good luck

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