GL1500 Transmission Swap Question

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GL1500 Transmission Swap Question

Post by Brealytren »

Hello All!
I'm a habitual project bike buyer...I buy em, fix em, ride em for a bit then sell them. It's what keeps me sane. Anyway, a while back I picked up a nice 1992 1500 with 90k on the clock. The good...cosmetically nice, and the engine runs like a sewing machine. The has the typical transmission failure - rattles in neutral with the clutch out, won't go into gear etc. I picked up a known good 88 engine with under 40k on it for $200. The intent..swap engines. Well...I let the project sit for two years and just now am really getting into it. Pulled the old engine and started to prepare the new engine with new timing belts etc. That's when I realized the new engine was locked up. Long story short two cylinders on the left bank somehow got water in them and after pulling the head I can see the cylinder walls are pitted beyond use. NOW TO MY QUESTION: I'm kind of up for a challenge. That said does anyone know if I can successfully swap an 88 transmission into a 92 engine? I know they made changes to the tranny after 89.....but if I swap all the shafts with gears, forks, and shift drum etc...I'm hoping I might have chance at it. I really don't think the cases were changed...just the components inside. Can anyone verify this for me? Thanks in advance.

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Re: GL1500 Transmission Swap Question

Post by FM-USA »

THAT'S gonna be a tall order looking for someone with those years trans parts swapping.

Partszilla is becoming less useful since they keep removing part numbers as parts are unavailable. BUT IF you do see the same numbers for 88 and 92 it's good to swap. Example: The updated 4th gear fork is a different number has two sets of numbers, OLD & NEW.

"IF" I had the space, I just might be doing the same thing you're doing.
But if I had a backer I just might start up "MY" American made replacement to the Wing. But that would have to be a YUGE backer. OH well.

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Re: GL1500 Transmission Swap Question

Post by newday777 »

Yes the 88 trans will go in the 92. But........
You'd be better off getting transmission parts out of a 97-2000 motor for the beefed up gears and forks.
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Re: GL1500 Transmission Swap Question

Post by WingAdmin »

newday777 wrote: Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:40 pm Yes the 88 trans will go in the 92. But........
You'd be better off getting transmission parts out of a 97-2000 motor for the beefed up gears and forks.
This is the correct answer. The 88 and 92 are essentially the same, but the 97+ transmissions are much stronger and more reliable.

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