Krauser Sudhaus S 324 Keys.. I can get them. Maybe you can, too.

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Krauser Sudhaus S 324 Keys.. I can get them. Maybe you can, too.

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I just bought a 76 Wing with a nice set of Krausers. Of course, they couldn't find the keys. Thank goodness they were unlocked so I could use them. Any way, if you are lucky enough to have a local locksmith that has any Presto Lock Whitestar 1942 blanks or can cross reference, and is willing to take the time to hand file/cut one (?) to match the attached photo, you're good to go. 👍 Again, he'll have to be willing to zoom in or out to get the exact size match.

In my case, I did some searching online and struck out as others have. So I went to a local locksmith and he couldn't find a blank for either the S324 (bag to bike) or the S342 (bag latches) that I need. But he sent me to another shop, told me to ask for Ralph and tell him Mike sent him. This guy was very diligent and found some blanks. He made two for me. He also looked very hard to find suitable blanks for the case latches but had no luck. He actually enjoyed the 'new challenge' and the price was great. I have a new go-to guy out here! So I'm half way there. I will continue the pursuit...

Ron in AZ

PS. If you strike out with this approach and are desparate, PM me and I can help you out from here.

S324 Krauser Key
S324 Krauser Key

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