dyna bead easy install

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dyna bead easy install

Post by browntuna5647 »

I used the dyna beads in both of my tires and trying to put those beads in the valve stem was a little challenging at first because if you try to gently pour them in, they just clog right at the valve stem. I remembered what the guy told me when I bought them, he said they use a drill for vibration. So I had great success with a clear tube of plastic that fit over the bottle and fit over the valve stem, about 5 or 6 inches long. Hold the plastic hose at a very, very, slight angle, almost horizontal and used my Dremel tool up against the bottle. They literally just danced right out of the bottle and never once stop flowing without ever clogging once. Worked very well.

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Re: dyna bead easy install

Post by FM-USA »

Word to DIY'fers on Ceramic Beads.
The large bag of low cost beads are random in size. ONLY the smallest of bead will make the 90 degree turn in the stems.
Small pain separating out the little ones. I don't have a screen to screen out the larger beads so needle nose pliers AND PATIENCE :shock: is time consuming. ;)



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Re: dyna bead easy install

Post by BlueThunder »

Use an air compressor with a rubber press-on tip to push the beads into the tire.
1. Remove Schrader valve from stem.
2. Using the clear tube that comes with the beads, pour as many beads as you can.
3. Attach the air tip into the clear tube. Give it a short blast. The beads will all go into the tire.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 times as needed.

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Re: dyna bead easy install

Post by Wink1018 »

Don’t laugh....

But, I use an electric etching ( vibrapeen) tool to shake the valve stem during dynabead install.

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Re: dyna bead easy install

Post by Elrod »

I understand there are circumstances to add beads when the tire is already mounted on the rim. However, the easiest way I found to add beads was to simply toss the plastic bag of beads into the tire as it is being mounted on the rim. The plastic bag completely disintegrates quickly once the tire is being used and the beads are free to do their work.

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Re: dyna bead easy install

Post by Magic23 »

My bike mechanic does the same. He puts the pouch of beads inside the tire at the time of installation and the bag disintegrates and Bob's your uncle.
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Re: dyna bead easy install

Post by pappyam »

I get my beads from a friend who buys them in bulk for his trucks. After I have weighed the correct amount, I wrap them in saran wrap. Once the first tire bead is mounted, I open up the plastic wrap and let them flow into the tire then finish mounting the tire. Have not lost any beads yet. I guess I could also throw it in with the bag.

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