75 Gl1000 no turnsignals & where to get parts?. .

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75 Gl1000 no turnsignals & where to get parts?. .

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Hi gang I am new here, I recently acquired a 75 Gl1000 and it has a few issues. The front running lights light, but the turnsignals front don't work. All the bulbs are good and all the connections are good going to those lights. Also the main key switch-someone "rigged" a push button start because the "switch was bad" . Well, when I turn the switch, I have the running lights, and sometimes the radiator fan comes on so power is getting thruout the bike. Brake lights work. But without hooking this darn "rigged" push button (the starter button (on the handlebar controls) does nothing), I can't get the bike started. The bike idles at about 5000 rpm. Any thoughts on this?

What common problems are there with these bikes? I took the air intake box off and found it 75% clogged with a mud dauber wasp nest. -Wasp nest and mice nests aside, what are common problems for these bikes? Especially ones that have been sitting outside for an undetermined amount of time. The bike will run-if I hook up the rigged push button.

Addendum-I got a wiring harness diagram downloaded and was able to track down some of the electrical problems. Can anyone answer me just what do those 4 little red diodes do? 3 of em test bad-no contenuity. Are they still available from Honda? IF they are not available can I wire in a fused link to each of these terminals and if so what amperage fuse to use on each one? I suspect 15 amp but am not sure. What Turnsignal relay can I use? The cheapest one at Advance is $4.00 and the one they recommended was $9.00 I have also been able to get most of the idiot lights now working, thanks in part to undoing the idiot work that some moron did to the wiring harness.

Finally-besides salvage yards, what are some good places to get parts for the old gal?

Thanks for help in advance

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Re: 75 Gl1000 no turnsignals & where to get parts?. .

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if there is no bike salvage yard near you then ebay if none of the members on the forums have what you need. i would get a right side control with a correct starter button too
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