Winter Storage

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Winter Storage

Post by lenski »

I'm looking for any info on steps(HOW TO) to properly store a GL 1800 Goldwing in a unheated garage.Any detailed info is appreciated.

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Re: Winter Storage

Post by flash2002 »

Hi Len, For winter storage I change the oil and filter, fill the gas and add some sea foam, then run the engine a few minutes. I will wax the bike but I leave the wax on, I spray the pipes and most metal parts with WD40 install a cover and that's it. I take the battery out and charge it.
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Re: Winter Storage

Post by tfdeputydawg »

If it's unheated and the temps can get low, I'd remove the battery, to prevent freezing. Take the battery in where it's warm and hook it to a Battery Tender type device(not a charger, nor a trickle charger). Otherwise, hook the tender up w/battery in the bike.
Stabil type fuel stabilizer in, fill the tank, run the bike at least 5 minutes.
Stuff rags in the exhaust, and the the air filter intakes to keep the little "critters" out!
Park it, cover it up and place a few moth balls in a open container under the bike.
I personally never change oil 'til it's "time" to do so but, I ride unless there's snow/ice on the roads!
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Re: Winter Storage

Post by WingAdmin »

Have a look at this: Winter Storage Guide

It's for the 1100, but everything also applies to the 1800.

Without question, the most important thing to do, if you wish your engine to last a long time, is to change the oil before you put it away for the winter. Otherwise you're letting the acidic deposits in the dirty oil sit and eat away at the insides of your engine all winter long.

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