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New wing owner. Several years out of bikes all together. I've got a Frankenstein that I fell for that I've been working on for a while. I'm starting to think I've lost my mind. It's a '77 with '80 engine. Many hours comparing wiring diagrams.
Anyway, some of the wiring harness appears to have been hacked. I was doing OK until I got to senders and gauges. At casual glance it appeared there were sockets to attach to sockets as seller represented. No joy. I'm trying, without buying a used harness and completely rewiring the bike, to find the approximate locations where wires originally exited harness to piece it back together.

Does anyone have a shot of a laid out main harness that could be labeled as to what supplies what? I've spent weeks online, have downloads of years worth of wiring diagrams, black and white and color, owners, repair and DIY manuals. I've found the same info over and over, but nothing that shows what I'm looking for. I am bidding on used harnesses and I'm willing to rewire, but had hoped to get a little riding time before winter. Have belts to replace yet. Very little history to know what is and isn't needed. I love the hands-on, but I did intend to ride the thing as well.

Thanks guys

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Re: Wiring

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Honestly, if that were my bike, I would be looking for a used harness, and start from there. I suppose it might depend on just how badly it had been hacked.
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