Dash Display Is Not Working All The Time.

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Dash Display Is Not Working All The Time.

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I have a 96 Aspencade which seems to have a glitch in the display. It does not always come on when I start the bike. I do not have a clue about why it is not functioning properly. Any help out there.

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Re: Dash Display Is Not Working All The Time.

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There's been quite a few complaints about the dash that can be linked to moisture in the meters. It's common if you wash the meters during cleaning or live in a 'wet' area. Some owners have said that they cured the problem by disassembling the meter assembly and cleaning/drying the meter backings. A hair dryer will work to dry things out. Then spraying silicon lube on to the back of the meters. Obviously you do NOT want to spray any lube INTO the meter.

The down side it the meter assembly isn't too easy to access. The windshield, mirrors, all the dash covers have to be removed before gaining access to the meter assembly. The biggest trick is removing the upper vents. There's 2 parts to remove. A thin screw driver into the end of the vent louvers and pry to release them…. then look at the outside mount and see the latches. Carefully pry the latches to release then remove. Other than that it's just basic tools and knowledge. A manual will definitely help.
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