Progressive 416 air shocks on GL1000 and GL1100I

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Progressive 416 air shocks on GL1000 and GL1100I

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I have a set of Progressive 416 air shocks on my GL1100i.
The PO had them installed and did not install the adapter bushing on the left lower shock mount.
This would be a 10mm ID, 16mm Od bushing and as a result the shock must have canted off and now leaks out the top eye. I bought the rebuild kits from Progressive (may as well ask Flo for info) and did the right hand shock lower seal: The shock tests out to 55 lbs/inch free state.
The left shock after a new lower seal is blowing out the top eye under 10lbs of pressure This was the shock that was not properly done. I could oftentimes feel something was different from time to time in the rear of the bike. Odd, but it just did not feel consistent and I say this as a long ago 350 Yamaha rider. The lower seal was done and it was tested before final assembly as a QC check.
My questions:
Do any of you know how to take the Progressive down to it's essential elements to replace the upper O-rings to properly seal the top eye bracket? Are there problems in doing this? This would likely involve the damper assembly and popping circlips to dig the spring pack out.
Failing that, do you know a competent shock rebuilder?
If you know how to do these things properly, do you have the info for a proper rebuild.
I have already fabbed up a half/A, compressor to work with.
Barring all the above, anybody interested in a set of 416 13" that need a rebuild? Frankly I am used to popping springs, changing oil specs and putting things back together. Give me a Koni or an old Boge and I would be happier.


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