rust cleaning

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rust cleaning

Post by Phidr »

As an avid Wing ride, I ride almost 365 days a year. A mild winter climate allows me to do that. However it does cause the bike to get very dirty. I have a huge build-up up rust on the underside of my mufflers. Does anyone know of a good way to clean it off. I was thinking of taking them off and laying them in a long basin of CLR, but not sure if that is a good idea.

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Re: rust cleaning

Post by MikeB »

You could always just replace them. Have you tried to remove them yet? They are tough to get off if they have not been removed in a few years.

There is a set with the header pipes on eBay for about $260 including shipping. Item number 362679912391
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Re: rust cleaning

Post by Good Hondog »

Phidr wrote: Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:04 am I have a huge build-up up rust on the underside of my mufflers.
It depends on what you mean buy huge build-up. If it is already to the point that the chrome plating is starting to pit through to the steel underneath, or the chrome plating is starting to seperate from the muffler, then it's too late. If it's just a huge build-up of surface rust all over the bottom sides of the mufflers then it still can be saved. Wash the whole exhaust system off with soapy water and then take an SOS pad (those steel wool pads with blue soap inside) and lightly scrub down the exhaust with more soapy water. It's awkward because you'll have to lay on the ground to do it. The rust comes right off doing that. When you're satisfied you've got it all, then wash and rinse it and polish the whole exhaust with Turtle Wax chrome polish or Mothers chrome polish (or whatever you're favorite brand is you already use on your chrome).
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Re: rust cleaning

Post by pocketchange »

Visit Harbor Freight and pick-up a bag of soldering brushes along with a container of Lime Away.
Soapy water or diluted white wall cleaner will rinse the Lime Away, away..
Then to polish and seal your cleaning project, Quick Glo applied as directed will compliment your efforts by keeping the rust from returning for a few months.. PC
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Re: rust cleaning

Post by JohnUSA »

Vinegar and aluminum foil.

First, clean the grime off.

Generally speaking: Cut 2" squares, dip into vinegar, and wipe back and forth across the affected area.

Or, crumple some foil into a small ball for better hand hold, dip into vinegar, and scrub away.

I have some aluminum brushes for scrubbing the rust out of nooks and crannies. They are kinda fragile, so gotta go at it with a light hand. Dip into vinegar, and give a little scrub.
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Re: rust cleaning

Post by redbug »

There are videos of lyme away(green bottle) on chrome on you tube and good results. Also semi-chrome polish is good stuff.
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Re: rust cleaning

Post by newday777 »

Welcome to the forum Phidr

Pulling the mufflers off to clean them is a good idea. You shouldn't need to immerse them. The Honda chrome is pretty good.
If it's surface rust, I've found that the Turtle wax chrome cleaner and polish with elbo grease works. But you could use clr in small amounts then neutralize it before the cleaner and polishing.
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Re: rust cleaning

Post by Corkster52 »

pocketchange wrote: Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:18 pm
Quick Glo applied as directed will compliment your efforts by keeping the rust from returning for a few months.. PC
I had a horrible experience with Quick Glo over a year ago :!: I got way too excited about what I thought it could do and it left fine scratches everywhere I used it. I'm still trying to find a way to get them out of my left muffler :!:

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