How can I access the ABS speed sensor?

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How can I access the ABS speed sensor?

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I work for a company that designs taxi meters for class 1 and class 2 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles. While we typically install on lower end bikes in Asia, Africa and South America, we have received several inquiries from owners of limobike services to make our product work with their Goldwings. In order to make this practical, we would need to be able to access the vehicle's computer, specifically the speed sensor (and seat sensors if available), similar to the solution used for taxi meters in automobiles.

As I am located in Asia, the local Honda dealer has no direct knowledge of the Goldwing, nor how to put me in touch with anyone who can answer my questions.

Is anyone familiar with the networking protocol used in the Goldwing computer? Is this protocol available to 3rd parties either with or without an NDA from Honda? I would hope Honda has just implemented something like a CAN bus that I can tap into and read the information. The most popular bikes that are requested from limobike operators seem to be late model (2007+) GL1800's.

Can anyone familiar with the design of the Goldwing electronics and computer core recommend a place to begin investigating this problem? Is a local area network used for communication between the sensors on the bike?

Thank you for any assistance.

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