821100 i now w/ Progressive springs

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821100 i now w/ Progressive springs

Post by lbman »

OK guys.
I road to work this morning. and made it..no bolts fell off. outside of handle bars being a little out of line.simple adjustment tonight, the Progressive added front and back Made an Incredible difference in the way my bike handles. absolutely amazing. bike feels 100 lbs lighter in turns and now just think about it and it moves where ever I want it on the Road....
as others have said."Best Money I Have Spent"
Of course I did have a really bad bent fork.
The bike feels stiffer down the road but smoother on the bumps.
I have a different road I take home. It has some twist's in it. looking forward to that. I will take it easy though. ;-}
I have to check my air in the rear shocks this afternoon. my air warning light comes on while riding. goes off when I slow down or stop. Hmmm. I did not replace the seals. they looked good. and I was afraid to screw up new seals learning how to do this. My Bad. but as long as I see No oil. i cant see where I would Need any Air. I know they say not to run much air anymore .
What a nice way to start a day after working for 4 days on the wing. :D
after learning all I did from folks "In The Know" I Thank you greatly for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge. as you have done I so will Do.
"I AIN'T AFRAID of the unknown"
Larry B

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Re: 821100 i now w/ Progressive springs

Post by RoadRogue »

you are going to love the way it handles in the twisties,bet you even get to narrow those chinken strips a bit more,I did after my progressive conversion.
Ride safe, Todd
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