Carburetor coolant line clamps

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Carburetor coolant line clamps

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I put a new compression hose clamp on the right side coolant line because it was damaged. While reinstalling the carburetor/ hooking up the coolant lines my new clamp broke into two pieces. Wondering what to do I remembered that I had an assortment of Harbor freight hose clamps that have the plastic handle to aid in tightening down. I put the new style clamp on and was able to tighten it by hand. No long needle nose pliers were needed. I only did the right line so I cannot speak to the left side as I just don't know. Also should make it easier if I ever have to take the carburetor off....

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Re: Carburetor coolant line clamps

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Oh I like that! Great tip. Im going to get some for the travel kit.
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