Aftermarket Coms System

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Aftermarket Coms System

Post by JLRGL1200 »

I ride 86 GL1200 Interstate. I don't have the helmet for the coms system, and I want to know what kind of aftermarket coms systems are out there that work well. I've looked on Amazon and found several, but I want something dependable: Blue tooth/ helmet to helmet/ iphone to helmet/ radio to helmet, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Aftermarket Coms System

Post by detdrbuzzard »

i'm happy with my Cardo packtalk bold but it is not exactly cheap
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Re: Aftermarket Coms System

Post by tamathumper »

Been running Sena headsets for years, and have always been happy with them, snowmobiling, ATVing, and motorcycling. I'm kind of amazed they still work because of how many snow storms, rain storms, and just general mileage I've put on them.
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Re: Aftermarket Coms System

Post by Rambozo »

Plus one on the Sena. No problems to date. Love the integration. Look ma no pod.

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Andy Cote
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Re: Aftermarket Coms System

Post by Andy Cote »

If you go to Sierra Electronics web site, they have several top quality choices of helmets with wired or wireless headsets.

I am sure there are folks that have had positive experiences with low priced Bluetooth headsets sold directly from overseas. There are many though that have reported issues with these through this and other forums. Not so say that there have not been issues with J&M, Cardo or SENA but with those brands there is a somewhat better support network. IMHO, this is an area of "get wat you pay for."

Usually, if you want to talk via intercom with more than one other headset, Bluetooth headsets work best when using the same brand. So if you have riding compadres, see what they are using.
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Re: Aftermarket Coms System

Post by Lickity Split »

I have three Shoei helmets that I use.
Dirt bike and sport bike helmets have Cardo Packtalk Bold systems wired in and work really good for what they are. Up to 15 riders (when linked) can communicate. Any of the riders can enter or drop out (due to distance, terrain obstacles, powering off, etc) and the chain remains unbroken, which is really nice! Don’t pay extra for the JBL speaker upgrade as it is pointless and a waste of $$. Should be a class action lawsuit for that misleading bunch of advertising nonsense. LOL

In the open face Shoei helmet I wear on the GoldWing, I have the J&M 801 series wired intercom and couldn’t be happier. The sound quality of the speakers included is outstanding! JBL could only wish that they could replicate the highs and bass that come from these thin speakers. I ride solo on the GoldWing

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