I need a battery. What is more important CCA or Ah?

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I need a battery. What is more important CCA or Ah?

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My biggest problem in life is I can't ever make a decision,,, about anything,,,lol.

So I need a battery for my 1500 since it didn't come with one, and I stole the one out of my 1200. But I just sold that bike and had to put the Walmart battery back in it. So now I'm going AGM. But I can't make up my mind which one.

I kinda like the MotoBatt MBTX24U as it comes highly recommended around here. But one place says it's 280 cca, and another place says 300. Which is it? Are they lying and saying it's 300 to make it look better? But I do like the 25Ah.

I know you guys like the Odyssey. But that has lower numbers compared to the Mottobatt.

Then I see the Deka is well liked too. It has 20ah, but 340 cca. As some of you may know the Napa legend is the same as a Deka made by East Penn manfg.

Right now I have NO battery. So I can't even ride. It will take at least a week to mail order one. That's not a huge deal. But I am working on the bike and need to test ride it to see the results. And it's getting cold here.

If I choose the Napa version I can walk in the store today and get it. But I just have it in my mind that I would rather have the 25ah of the Mottobatt over the 20ah of the Napa.

If I understand right the cca is not as important because I won't be cranking that long. So am I being too anal over the 5ah difference and just go to Napa? Or would you guys order the Mottobatt and wait a week,,,,lol. Thanks

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Re: I need a battery. What is more important CCA or Ah?

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You're right, you will never notice the difference in 5 CCA. What's more important is that you get an AGM battery, because the 1500 really needs one.

I can definitely recommend the Motobatt for the 1500 - I've had mine for several years and it still works like brand new. Also highly recommend a Battery Tender Jr - and keep it on whenever the bike isn't being ridden. It will help keep your battery working like brand new for years to come.
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Re: I need a battery. What is more important CCA or Ah?

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go only with AGM battery,

and the highest CCA available.

the last 1500 battery I bought was a Big Crank at 340 CCA,
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Re: I need a battery. What is more important CCA or Ah?

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I understand your indecision dilemma, with soooo many choices these days it's tuff to filter through them all.
My trick is when searching I use the " " (quotes) for specific info I want. Eg: Motorcycle battery (insert battery size) "REVIEWS"
I go right to the 1 star reviews and if there's repetitive issues, I'll pass on it and look at other items.
Reading FORUMS for reviews is time consuming since there is a LOT of wordy and bantering folks out there.

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