Tire wear and low speed wobble with new tire...

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Tire wear and low speed wobble with new tire...

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So I replaced my front tire on my '94 GL1500 a few weeks ago.
Took off a Dunlop Elite 4 that was worn evenly, replaced it with a Kenda K671 (it is a rear tire, but correct 130/70/18 size). I used 2 oz of balance beads when installing it. Made sure I had the yellow dot on the tire lined up with the valve stem.

First few miles of riding it was great, no issues, but as I have ridden it more, I am noticing that there is a wobble around 30 mph up to around 40 mph. Just loosening my grip on the bars I can feel it wanting to do it. I had a mild issue with the Dunlop doing this as well, but not this bad.
I just got back from a 3000 mile trip, and am noticing some odd wear/cupping to the tire as well.

The tire is mounted in standard rotation, inflated to 38 PSI (I am a big guy and want a little extra for the load). I have a Superbrace installed, head bearings are tight (replaced about 20,000 miles ago with an All Balls set and still is tight), and as said, 2 oz of balance beads installed.

Pulled the tire today just to make sure the plastic bag had torn open and allowed the beads free, and it did.

Not sure what else to do. Should I add another ounce or 2 of beads? Remove the beads and just go with stick on weights?
Anything else I can look at?

Bike is sitting in the garage with the tire off just trying to decide what to do.

edit: Well, I decided to add more beads (now has 3 oz) to it. I double checked all bolts, bearings and such and it is all tight as it should be. I also dropped the pressure 2 PSI to 36.
It may just be the tire, no idea. Pouring down rain right now, so can't check it right now.
I will be changing the oil and spark plugs tomorrow, and will go for a ride after that.

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