Auxiliary lights

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Auxiliary lights

Post by Zman457 »

When I purchased my gl1500 it had a set of old school chrome halogen fog lights tucked up under the front end. I removed them because they drew to much juice, got crazy hot, and I thought they looked to big.
Since then I have drifted back and forth on replacing them with some sort of smaller led lights. With all the options out there it's not an easy task to choose one.
Converting the cornering lights over to led running lights is still on the table, What does everyone have?
I would like to see daytime pictures of the lights that you have on your bike and a general price.

Thanks in advance, Eric

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Re: Auxiliary lights

Post by bri720a »

I put these on my 1500. Mounted them to the screw that held the front of the side marker on the fairing. I just left the small black trim piece off. I cut an aluminum spacer to give correct angle to point forward. (Fairing is angled there)
I also wired them for yellow with lowbeams (extremely visible daytime) and white with high beams. Light up the next county with them on high beams.

Totaled my 1500 and moved them to my 1800 under the nose. Have put about 16,000 miles on them so far and they still work great.

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Re: Auxiliary lights

Post by Gnarly »

Just installed similar amber lights on my Trike. ... =UTF8&th=1

Outrageously bright. Tiny. Would fit lotsa places on a Bike.
Beam is flat; horizontal. Cutoff is sharp.
I have yet to get 'flashed' by oncoming motorists.

I discarded the bizarre factory brackets and mounted them to #4018? 1" Kuryakyn P-clamps, on the upright tube of the engine guard.

Used them to replace a pair of 20W Pods from are fine lights, but these ( rated 15W ea. ) will flat eat the larger Pods' lunch.
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