That smell!!

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That smell!!

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Smell on 1985 GL1200. As I ride down the road I can smell the exhaust every once and awhile. I have a tall wrap around windshield and sometimes feel the wind pushing on the back of my helmet, I think it is picking up exhaust and sending it my way. I have a small exhaust leak at the head that I am going to fix. I also found small holes, one on each side that were drilled out at the start of the muffler just after the cross over. Are those holes there for a reason, like condensation. There are aftermarket exhaust extenders installed, were the holes there to keep the back pressure the same, after the install of the exhaust extenders.

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Re: That smell!!

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Are those holes there for a reason, like condensation.
I think they are there for that reason, all of mine have the same thing. On one of my 1200's I removed the exhaust system to install a trike kit, and found that the exhaust pipe collar, gasket had burned through, and I had to have a section of the pipe replaced, that seems like the most likely source of an exhaust leak. :(

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