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As a relatively new GoldWing owner (85 GL1200 'LTD Edition but looking to trade for a 2009 GL1800 NAV/ABS/AIRBAG) I have never really had to do a complete cleaning of the bike. I do realize that it is important to keep water away from electronics, speakers etc. I recently heard that, if the bike isn't too dirty (i.e. just dirty from wet roads, heavy rain etc) it is OK to use something like LEMON PLEDGE :?: and soft cloths instead of soap and water.......T or F?
In the event that a ride takes us onto muddy roads or a construction 'detour', what is the best method for cleanup?
I also assume that any of the good automobile waxes (e.g. Meguiars, Mothers etc.) are suitable.
Any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated!!!!

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You can hose it down and wash it pretty much like a car, with a couple caveats - I wouldn't use a pressure washer (too easy to get spray up where it shouldn't go), and be careful around the stator and plug boots.

I have a LOT of electronics on my bike, so I don't use a hose - just a soapy bucket and a sponge. I use some engine degreaser on the engine and a small squirt bottle to wash it off. The painted bits I use soapy water and a sponge, towels to dry. Don't bother with wax at all.

The windshield I clean meticulously before every ride, with Lemon Pledge and clean towels.

I clean my bike maybe once a year. I'm more interested in riding it than cleaning it.
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