Screw up Stories

Funny pictures, stories, whatever - just light entertainment
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Re: Screw up Stories

Post by macka » Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:47 am

This isn't my Screw Up but I witnessed it. Two guys racing crotch rockets down at the local strip decided they were going to see who could do the best burn out. Well the first guy in a Yamaha lights up his tire and is making a sweet smoke show. The second guy not to be outdone lights his up. All of a sudden the first guy launches out of the smoke cloud does 3 or 4 tank slaps and dumps the bike. The bike still in high revs does a half turn and shoots about 20 feet into a light pole. All this in a span of about 3 heartbeats. The other rider is still smoking his tire and didn't realise his buddy had totalled his bike.

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Re: Screw up Stories

Post by Cleveland38 » Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:56 am

Here's my story - strange but true

WIfey – rug rats and myself invited to private fishing lodge up on the Miramachi for the long weekend

I have to return early so I take the bike – wifey and company take the Honda Van

Cruising down Hwy 1 on my way to Sussex – Sunday morning around 11 am –

Cruise set at 125 kph

Adele playing on my MP3

Bike behaving flawlessly- life is good – would be better with highway pegs and a backrest but Xmas is a coming

Just outside Sussex go over a “bump” in the road – bike loses power – nothing happening – nada

Coast to a stop – put bike in neutral – try to start – nothing – starter motor will not engage

Strange – everything else is working – radio works – gps works – gauges work – just won’t start

Start scratching head – bike still won’t work

Call wifey on cell – tell her the problem

Contact Honda Canada – good idea of mine to have that number on my cell phone

Talk to a nice young lady – she arranges to have a tow truck to come and get me and that bike to take me back to Eldridges in Saint John – all at Honda’s cost – No problem I say – tell the wife to go on without me – will come up in the 2nd vehicle as soon as I take care of the bike

Tow truck calls me and tells me that they will be about 45 minutes before they can get to me –

I say no problem – I ain’t going anywhere and the weather is nice will just listen to a few tunes while I wait

Sit on the bike and look at the gauges again – something is wrong but can’t quite figure it out – I have all kinds of power BUT can’t engage the starter motor –

Figure it must be the kickstand limit switch – wire must have come loose when I went over the ‘bump” and that is why it won’t start – happened on my other bike ( Kawasaki 900 Custom LT ) so I think good place to start

Looked at kickstand – everything looks good to me

Scratch head again –

Sit on bike and look at instruments once again

Notice that the kill switch in is the “ON or KILL “ position

Thinks to myself – YOU GREAT TWIT

Put switch to off position

Start engine – everything works okay - Feel like an idiot - have a habit of resting my hand on the right hand brake kill switch assembly when bike is on cruise – when I went over the bump hand must have turned the switch to the kill position

Call tow truck driver and tell him I don’t need him

Call wife and tell her that I am on my way

Call Honda Canada and get put on hold – had to hang up as battery was getting low

You can stop laughing now

And how was your weekend ????

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Re: Screw up Stories

Post by littlebeaver » Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:25 pm

Now that was funny... :D

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Re: Screw up Stories

Post by thirdstorybase » Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:36 am

hey im brand new to the Gold Wing lifestyle. just got a 1986 1200gl. and i love it. my screw up was years ago on my first bike a kawasaki csr 650. a real bucket of bolts. my first ride at my first stop sign i tried to put my left foot down and my shoe string was wrapped around the gear shifter. i had to break the shoe string before i fell over. by the way i was riding next to my girlfriend at the time who had been a rider for years. how embarassing

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Re: Screw up Stories

Post by littlebeaver » Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:18 am

Shoestring, ha ha ha ha... :lol: :lol: I can see your girlfriend slapping the back of your head right now ha ha...Good one...

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Re: Screw up Stories

Post by shadew » Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:51 pm

I have to tell on a friend of mine. Years ago we both went to take our motorcycle riding test together, as we had decided to finally ride legally. It was 37 degrees (Farenheit, I don't know what that is in Celsius), and a heavy misty type rain. The testing site was 48 miles from our base of operation, and we were thoroughly numb by the time we arrived. My friend is a very literal thinker, but I did not realize how much until this day. We waited for hours in the cold and I went first and passed no problem. While we were waiting for his turn, I was giving him the play by play on what to expect. I told him that you didn't have to do everything perfect to pass, but if you put a foot down it was an automatic fail. At his turn to go, they explained to him the same thing. The very last thing in the non-real-world skills test, was to get up to at least 20 mph and come to a stop in the painted box. Well, you guessed it, when he came to the painted box, not wanting to automatically fail.... he rode it strait to the ground just like a plastic toy bike and rider and stayed put. Good times!

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