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Show Chrome Headlight Protector

Post by WingAdmin » Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:23 am

I was talking with another GL1500 owner who was looking for a replacement headlight for his bike. He had been riding behind a truck, which threw a stone up. The stone (of course) impacted his headlight, cracking it. He was going to leave it, but moisture entered the headlight, fogging it up. A new replacement was $350 (!!!!), so he was attempting to find a used one.

Wow. $350...I could do without paying that. I decided to do something about it, with a product I had seen a little while back: A headlight protector.

GL1500 Headlight Protector
GL1500 Headlight Protector

I purchased my GL1500 headlight protector, for a mere $22. Cheap insurance. There is a set of GL1800 headlight protectors as well, for twice the price (being that there are two of them):

GL1800 Headlight Protector
GL1800 Headlight Protector

Installation is simple: Clean your headlight normally, then clean it again with alcohol, to remove any grease. I didn't have alcohol handy, so I used brake cleaner, which works just as well. Stick the little velcro circles onto the inside of the headlight protector, align it carefully, and press into place. That's it! I figured if it was too hideous looking, I could easily remove it.

That said, apart from the little white velcro circles, it's almost invisible:

Headlight Protector Installed
Headlight Protector Installed

It's easily cleaned, and should protect my headlight from errant stones and other objects.

I think should I replace it in future (if it got pitted, worn, cracked, whatever), I would buy my own clear velcro adhesive pieces, so that it is even less noticeable. That said, my bike is white to begin with, so the white circles don't stand out much.

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Re: Show Chrome Headlight Protector

Post by themainviking » Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:32 pm

I have those on my GL1800. They don't just keep rocks from hitting the headlights, they also keep rocks from impacting the covers at all. I have not had a rock hit those covers since I put them on, a year ago, so they must work a lot like deer whistles. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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