Schampa Double Layer Fleece Neck Gaiter

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Schampa Double Layer Fleece Neck Gaiter

Post by WingAdmin » Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:39 am

I bought this item several years ago thinking it might help when riding in cold weather. I had warm gloves, a warm jacket, warm pants, warm boots, my Arai helmet had a little device that pulled down from the chin to try to deflect cold air away. But down below 40 degrees, my neck and my chin would become extremely cold, to the point that I was starting to worry about frostbite. And despite all of the warm gear I was wearing - I would still get cold.

Enter the Schampa Double Layer Fleece Neck Gaiter. This is little more than a stretchy tube, made of two thick layers of fuzzy fleece. You pull it over your head and it goes around your neck. You can wear it two ways: One, you can bunch it up on your neck, leaving your chin exposed. I find this works fine for most riding down to about 40 degrees F. When it starts getting really cold, you can pull it up over your chin, and buckle your helmet strap over top of it. This keeps it in place, and helps keep it from slipping down. This completely covers all exposed skin, and keeps you warm in very low temperatures, even when riding on the highway.

So how does it work? Unbelievably well. It turned out that the reason I was getting cold despite all my cold-weather gear was because I was losing heat through my neck. The simple action of putting this thing on changed my ride from being uncomfortably cold, to being warm and cozy.

And it's not just good for motorcycling: I've used it when outside running my snow blower in the driving cold. It would work great for downhill skiing, hunting, anywhere you're exposed to cold temperatures for extended periods of time. You wouldn't think that such a simple little thing would make such a huge difference in how warm you feel overall, but it really does. In fact, I often feel TOO warm when I put it on, in situations where I used to be freezing cold!

At under $15, it's a great accessory to throw in your saddlebag for when you need it.

Schampa Neck Gaiter
Schampa Neck Gaiter

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