Aerostich Roadcrafter or E3 experience

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Aerostich Roadcrafter or E3 experience

Post by wsunate » Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:48 am

I've been looking at used Aerostich suits for these fall and spring days. I like the idea of easy on/easy off. New suits are crazy pricey but I have seen them used quite reasonable.
Anyone have one of these suits riding a Wing that can offer their experience? Do you wear it just on these cooler days or is it a year round suit?

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Re: Aerostich Roadcrafter or E3 experience

Post by millerized » Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:54 am

Roadcrafter one piece for me. Worth every penny, IMO.

Bought mine in 2005, still wear it. Only thing that's gone wrong is a zipper tab pulled off on the left sleeve. Aerostich offers a DIY kit to refurb all zippers for about $20. (it's on the bench waiting to be installed, but I'm too lazy until the snow falls and I can still snag the edge of the zipper with the bike key).

Waterproof right out of the box, and the rest of it's life IF you take care of it. Use their recommended wash in products or something similar. (Nikwax, ReviveX or other products similar) Only time I'd ever gotten wet was a frog strangler downpour, and it came in around my neck cause I didn't have the collar buttoned up. Nothing else but wet feet because of holes in my soles. You can also send it to them to be washed and reproofed.

If you gain a little weight, send it in to be altered. Lose a few, same thing. They can add/subtract and do nearly anything you'd need to your suit (within reason, of course) to make it yours. Pack on a few inches in height over the winter...yup, they can help you out. Give them your TRUE measurements at the beginning, and they usually get you right the first one that shows up. It's stiff as hell, but once it's broken in, it's like a second skin.

They vent well, with the ability to keep things snapped but unzipped enough to get a decent amount of airflow. Yes, they CAN be warm in the summer...go figure! One good reason to go with the 2 piece, it adds a bit of air up through from the bottom, and if you only wanted to wear the jacket....go for it, leave the pants at home. I like the one piece...I'm never without full gear on.

With a light fleece and an electric vest/gloves, you're good as long as you want to ride. I only stop once I get snow on the ground, and start back up when it's gone.

Yeah, they're expensive, but paying $800 10yrs ago works out to $80yr, with the cost going down each year I own it.

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Re: Aerostich Roadcrafter or E3 experience

Post by harvey01 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:51 am


The Roadcrafter Suit is an excellent way to be properly dressed (atgatt) for riding all year. When I was teaching I wore it daily for commuting to work as well as when I went touring in the summer. Yes it could be very hot in the summer when still but when moving it was okay. It does have great ventilation. I have ridden with jeans and long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts and even with electrical clothing underneath in the winter and tshirt and shorts in the summer. For school I normally had on nice pants, shirt and tie and kept a pair of shoes at school so I could wear boots when riding.

While I understand Aerostitch has really improved the suit over the years, mine is old enough that they do not say waterproof as millerized states. They did call the suit water resistant and it did work well in showers or short trips. But in an all day gullywasher, I would get wet if I did not add a rainsuit on the outside. It is my understanding that Aerostitch has updated the zippers and seams to the point that they are waterproof today.

The suit has plenty of pockets to store things and is really very convenient. I do agree with millerized about the two piece and think the Darien jacket with pants is probably the best all around solution and they were both waterproof when new.

I would be unfair if I did not point out that there are other suits out there today that complete and are a little cheaper, but the Roadcrafter is the top of the line. As the years went by my Roadcrafter shrunk and I tried some different outfits and finally settled on the First Gear Kilimanjaroo Jacket and pants as the best substitute. Waterproof, great protection, comes in HYViz to help me be seen and is a lot cheaper than the Roadcrafter.
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