Bluetooth Headset on the Cheap

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Bluetooth Headset on the Cheap

Post by urbanmadness » Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:58 pm

Those who know me, say I'm Frugal; heck, they call me cheap. But they also know I love my music and audio books. I love riding on long trips, playing some Stephen King novel while I ride.

Since most of what I listen to is on Pandora, or on my old retired iphone (I don't use it as a phone, just an mp3 player, did I mention the cheap part?). On the plus side, the old iphone has blue tooth. My old gl1500 has an Isimple installed for bluetooth on the stock stereo, and I really like that, but, when wearing a full face helmet, the sound quality is fair. With my set up, I can plug in my helmet, but then I also have my other mic I use for Moto blogging to contend with. It quickly become a tangled mess, something you really don't want when you are riding.

So I'm looking around at Cycle Gear, looking at new goodies, with my buddy who was shopping for a new helmet and a solution for his music situation and he found some pretty inexpensive (cheap part again), blue tooth headsets. We ended up with a pair of UClear HBC100 headsets. They are normally 159.99, they were on special for 79.99 so we both purchased them. I think you can get them from Amazon (or "The Zon" as we call it) for about the same price.

Of course, it ended up costing a bit more, because my daily helmet wasn't set up for any kind of headset. I actually have a helmet that came with the bike, with the goldwing headsets, but it's old and unsafe. I've only used it to plug into the system for testing. I refuse to ride with it because it's age. So I end up buying an inexpensive modular helmet with the pockets for helmet speakers and I'm off to the races.

Audio quality for MP3 play back is awesome, but Audio for Moto Vlogging is just OK. It was easy to install with good instructions. All and All I give about 3 stars out of 5 (mostly because of the audio quality for blogging). If all you want to do is take phone calls, and listen to music, then this is really good value for money. If you are Moto Blogging, then maybe you should look at the Sena.

We haven't paired them yet to see what they are like bike to bike, but in a worse case, we could always just call each other and use the phone function (we both have unlimited plans).

Here is my video review....



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Re: Bluetooth Headset on the Cheap

Post by Bugmerc » Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:57 pm

Cool, off to the ZON I go!

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Re: Bluetooth Headset on the Cheap

Post by kybigmac » Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:32 am

Interesting! Think I will check into it.

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