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Gl1200 passenger backrest cover replacement

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:23 pm
by skier
The passenger backrest on my 1987 GL1200 Interstate was in good shape, except for the top where the sun had rotted the material and the seam. After checking Ebay for used backrests, I decided to buy a replacement cover from this Ebay vendor in Poland: Their feedback was excellent, and the stitching/logo was available in a variety of colors. I paid the equivalent of $32.80 for the cover and $22 UPS International Shipping. The vendor immediately communicated that they had received my order and confirmed my color choice. I placed the order on July 29 and it was dropped at my front door on August 10. The cover staples to the nylon base just like the original. The color/finish of the material does not exactly match the original, but is close enough for me and I don't have to look at a ripped seam anymore. I'm happy. Pictures of old and new are below.