Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

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Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

Post by awdyck » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:39 am

My wife and I recently took a trip to Quebec from Edmonton on our '83 Interstate. It's amazing how her reluctance to invest in an intercom system was changed by me saying, "But, Sweetie, I want to talk to while we're driving." So we headed out to a dealership to pick up a Scala Team Set Pro because I had heard good things about Scala's system and from what I read in reviews it was a good system. It looked like you could connect any Bluetooth GPS, any Bluetooth phone, an MP3 or other external audio source, and get fantastic standby and talk time. Well, here's the way it really is: Even with face shields, we had so much wind noise through our mikes that the Scala never went on standby so the actual battery length was about a day. I called Scala on this and their suggestion was to put some tape over the side of the mike opposite your mouth. Hi-tech solution! Secondly, they don't mention it but there are only certain Bluetooth GPS units that are compatible with the Scala because of the profile used. For example, the TomTom Rider 1 and 2 (which I acquired) and some Zumo's are compatible. So you can't take your GPS out of your car and put it on your bike because the probability of it working are pretty slim. I called them on this, too. They said it was unfortunate that GPS manufacturers hadn't chosen to use the Scala Bluetooth profile. Finally, they have this lovely picture in the manual of two people riding on a motorcycle linked together, then also linked to a mobile phone, linked to a GPS and linked to an MP3 player. I haven't tried it with an MP3 player, but it's a physical connection so I'm sure it works. But being linked with both a phone and a GPS, not like you would expect. You can link to a phone and use it handsfree just fine, but not if you're also linked to a GPS. If you are linked to a GPS, then you have to link to the phone through the GPS, which, in my mind, isn't nearly as good as the Scala system where you just use the buttons on the controller to initiate handsfree calling and answering. Oh, yes, there's also an issue with inconsistent linking with many of the GPS units, which, again, is the GPS manufacturers' fault according to the Scala tech rep. So you should turn on the GPS before you turn on the Scala so that the GPS can recognize the Scala. Hmm. The only thing that worked for me was to reset the TomTom to factory settings and set it up again. Just so everything isn't negative, the Scala is great around town at low speeds because you can hear your partner well. As for the the rest of the hype that Scala gives us about the Team Set Pro needs to be taken with a grain of salt because most of it is misleading, and it's never Scala's fault. If anyone has had a different experience than mine, I'd like to hear about it.

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Re: Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

Post by thrasherg » Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:02 am

Many thanks for posting this. I have always used Autocom intercoms and was looking to go to a bluetooth system and Scala was high on my list.. Sounds like I need to give it some serious thought.. Maybe the Autocom is good enough!! :)


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Re: Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

Post by archerrj » Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:06 pm

Thanks for the honest review, I was also thinking about upgrading, very helpful info.

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Re: Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

Post by scmoon » Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:18 pm

I concur with the disappointment in the Scala system, which I purchased last year as I was beginning to have issues with my bike's original 1985 intercom/audio system. Scala units battery are factory sealed, you cannot get replacements. Thus, when your unit has had numerous recharges and the battery finally fails and will not accept a recharge...the unit is garbage! Helmet speakers are very small and "tinny" pathetic for any music.

Intercom between rider and passenger wasn't bad...provided units stayed in syc...turn them off to conserve power...time lag to re-sync is very longggg....driver's "master" unit would keep beeping every 3 minutes or so...(sync mode) as units would constantly drop off from syncing...I will give the befit of the doubt and consider that perhaps battery power was low...but units did not live upto claimed battery life in standby mode as claimed. Bluetooth connection to my older Motorola Razor cell phone was excellent...handsfree voice commands were generally excellent...but since I changed to a Sony Ericsson phone...I cannot connect to the Scala system...even though my phone "finds" the Scala and lists it in the handsfree devices...I presume it's the bluetooth profile issue as mentioned earlier by "Awdyck" from Edmonton. All in all...rather disappointed in the results for a system that was not that cheap, and does not live up to it's advertised capabilities.

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Re: Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

Post by twostrokes48 » Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:58 am

I am sure glad I have turned my back on the modern communication enhancements. One of the ways I "turn off" the wife"s constant chatter....get on the bike...she stops talking....My celll phone is for emergency outgoing calls only...911 is about all I need along with the number to my roadside assistance provider. Any incoming calls can be responded to when I have stopped for the evening. My GPS mostly stays in the box at home..a google map "directions" printout is about all I normally need. My wings quiet pipes and radio's good volume works for me. Sort of like my younger days when cars didn't have aircon, windows down, wind blowing, up the volume control. When no radio stations available, like West Texas, MP3 player plugged into the cassette adaptor works fine. I really have no desire to "stay connected" 24/7. For everyone else, well, I hope you find your ultimate communication/entertainment system. Ride safe

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Re: Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

Post by donchodges » Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:56 am

My wife and I have used the old Scala Rider Teamset (not Pro) for about 2 years. We bought it solely to talke to each other. It was tricky to learn but once we did it has served the purpose very well. I did not purchase it to use with my cell (Samsung Captivate) but I have used it and it worked well. I use it with my Garmin 765T auto GPS with the cable connector that comes with the headset and that also works well. Charge time is about an hour. I have a Powerlet outlet in the saddlebag and after a day of riding I just plug them in for an hour and they are good for another day. I am sure if you pay more money you can find headsets that will do more and do it better.

I think the problem is that we purchase these devices thinking they will do everything, do it well and do it all at the same time. My experiences tells me that everything has it limits but for the price and what I wanted to use the Teamset for, I have been very pleased.

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Re: Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

Post by bubbs » Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:34 am

I have been using the team rider system for about two years, it has it's limitations but the wife and I can chat to each other at speeds up to about 65 quite easily. the ipod works fine and the blue tooth works well with my mobile phone easy to make and recieve calls. There are better around systems, but for the money its OK :D

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Re: Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

Post by tech1 » Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:34 am

I have a G4 and it works Ok for phone calls. The sound volume is weak and plugging my MP3 to it the quality of sound is poor. I purchased it to recieve and make calls and to communicate with other riders I did connect with anouter rider that had one too. but for pure riding enjoyment get a J&M headset the sound quality is excelant. I then use a FM transmitter and listen to my MP3 player though the radio with good sound quality . If any of my freinds get a Scala then i will remount it on my helmet. but for music or driver passenger intercom use your Goldwing's system far best I feel.
I have a chance at anouther bike this spring an 88 1500 with CB i think So anouther way to communicate. I am tinking of anouther helmet on scala and one J&M. carry both and use which is best suited.

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Re: Scala Rider Team Set Pro big disappointment

Post by rabbott5 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:02 pm

I have run the Teamset for a couple of years now. For what I need it works great. I mostly use it for driver/passenger communication. For this I think it works great. The second most important feature is hands free phone. I don't need it, but my wife does. I ride solo a lot and she is more comfortable being able to check on me from time to time. I have had several people tell me that they had no idea I was riding a bike while I was talking to them. The third use is bike to bike. My riding buddy also runs the teamset and on long trips we take the time to pair our headsets as a second buddy. Not easy to remember, but works. I have run the headsets for a couple of days at a time without charging. On long trips I carry the very small wall charger and charge them in the hotel. I have never had an issue with them. I ride either my 08 wing or my 98 concours. The wife and I wear full face helmets. So we don't have a wind issue. Are they the best on the market? NO. Do they do what I need them to do? YES. I don't want a cable to the bike other than my power lead for heated gear. The Cardo Scala Team Set isn't for everyone. For the price and my needs, it works great.

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