J&M MP3 player Installation

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J&M MP3 player Installation

Post by NAGRALI » Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:19 am


I thought I'd write on my recent install of the J&M MP3 player. I received my unit from Shinywing and proceeded to fit the unit.

The instructions were good, simple to follow. The only thing I did find was that the position they said to drill the 1 1/4 " hole was very difficult to get too & very near the wiring looms, so I decided to do it in the middle rather than to the left as described. The hole cutter I had which had mutiple sized holes from 32mm to about 64mm was no good for the job at all. I did buy a 32mm hole cutter but this was too big to go onto the drill bit. Rather than go to the expense of buying the cutter £12 & a new bit for it to screw onto £14 for the sake of one solitary hole I ended up buying a 32mm wood cutting bit, this cut through the trunk wall with no problems at all.

The unit worked first time using the supplied 4gb SD card.

I have a 2010 wing built in 2009 UK spec, so I formatted my 8gb SD in fat32 as specified copied 99 tracks to the root and then proceeded to create 9 more folders as I had read that later models of wing & the latest J&M unit that I have bought could support 10 disks with 99 tracks.

I created each folder in turn populating it with 99 tracks and then created the next folder and so on until the card had the 99 tracks in the root & 9 new folders.

When I plugged in the newly created card my audio system hung. I wasn't able to use radio, Aux or anything. Luckily I had read plenty of posts regarding the fitting and simply removed the audio fuse for a few seconds which reset the audio system back to a working state.

I thought the first thing to try would be to reduce from 9 folders to 8 and keep going down until I had the unit working faultlessly. Luckily for me removing the one folder did the trick.

I now have the unit installed with the equivalent of 9 disks each with 99 tracks. So far it has worked seamlessly.


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Re: J&M MP3 player Installation

Post by Foxy » Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:33 am

Nice post thanks Barry.

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Re: J&M MP3 player Installation

Post by bthacker » Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:53 pm

I have this unit also and experienced the same problem drilling the hole as you. I plugged it all together and am using a USB thumb drive for my music. It was always hanging up until one day the audio quit. I contacted J&M and was told to return the unit. I got the replacement unit in just a few days. I was very thankful they were this prompt because I was going on a long trip out west and know I would be where they were few stations. I got the replacement unit installed and it played fine for about 2 hours and hung up. I thought this was normal because the first unit did the same thing. I got reading the new manual that came with the replacement unit and found it was different than the original manual. It said to have a max of 5 folders with I think 64 songs per folder and at least 1 song in the main and a max of 4gig drive. Well I had a 8gig drive with 9 folders. I got a 4gig drive and set it up with 5 folders and the thing has worked flawlessly ever sense. J&M gets a big thumbs up for their product and customer service. I was about to bite the bullet and purchase the 6 disk changer. I have heard many bad things about them when I saw this unit. Much cheaper and better. Good job J&M!!!!! A product that works great for a reasonable price with a good customer service department. The bad thing is now I see they have this unit with blue tooth, if I had only known this unit was coming out I would have waited and purchased it. Oh well.

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