Common Goldwing Failures

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Re: Common Goldwing Failures

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WingAdmin wrote:
Thu May 28, 2015 1:34 pm
I was thinking of a list of some of the most common failure items - weak points - we encounter on our Goldwings. Interestingly, none involve the engine internals - virtually all of them are external accessories, drive, brakes, and so on.

The list is contained in the June 2015 newsletter, which can be seen here: /Newsletter/News ... 015-06.asp

If you could make up a list, what would you include on it?
Weak points?


On "our" Goldwings?

I got nothing.

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Re: Common Goldwing Failures

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On all the four cylinder models, frame rot is a major problem due to the lousy open tube design.

Gear change problems with the selector fork bending, causing lack of 1st gear. Mostly on 75-77 GL1000 but I have an 1100 in at the moment which I suspect to have the same problem.

Starter button internals disintegrating. More prevalent on US models due to the headlight circuit running through it.

Fuel pump diaphram splitting.

GL1000 swing arm needle roller bearings disintegrating, mainly due to lack of maintenance. Some parts to repair these are non-existent.
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Re: Common Goldwing Failures

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Ghostman wrote:
Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:41 am
Fatwing Chris wrote:OK I'm going to stir the pot a bit here.No lies though.The 1800 has had more costly problems than all the other Wing sizes put together.
First and foremost is the cracked frames in the earlier ones and they're still showing up.My buddy has an 04 broken right now that Mother Honda is refusing to help with.
Second is the Alternator Drive Gear failures which requires engine removal and a minimum of $600 worth of parts plus labour.They changed the drive design in 06,but there are some of them showing up failing as well.
Third is the tranny failures(more common than you would think)and once again requires engine removal,trans parts as well as re-ringing the cylinders on one side at least.Approximately a $3 to $4 k repair.

On top of that are the crappy switches that are forever sticking and not working no matter how well you look after it.

Just saying that after owning 6 Wings(one of each size and 2 1200's)that while the 1800 is the most sophisticated,best handling Wing I'm not so sure it's the best bang for your buck.
Dont forget to add final drive failures on the 1800 which are starting to show more and more.
Where are the frames cracking at?

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