Fuel pump

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Fuel pump

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Trying to find a fuel pump for a '85 LTD. If it was available, Honda wants $1200. Apparently a pump from a prelude will work but it's unavailable. Any suggestions?

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Re: Fuel pump

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Here's a list for you:

Prelude OEM = 06167-PE7-751 
Walbro GCL616
Walbro 5CA201
1986 Honda Prelude 2.0 Fuel Pump
Airtex E8312
Spectra SP1186

I just installed an Airtex E8312 - works well. Also changed the injectors - Autoline 16313. Work well also. Going to have the original injectors cleaned as spares. Most of the unburnt fuel smell on first start in morning is now gone. Been refurbishing/maintaining my '85 LTD for the past 19 months and the fuel/ignition systems are the last to be looked at.

I also found going to an auto wrecker and getting an external fuel pump from a '90/'91 Prelude/Acura will work as well and cost is less. take you old pump with you. You may also find other makes/models that use the same pump. Just about any external fuel pump for a fuel injected vehicle will work - principles and pressures are virtually the same.

Fuel Injectors:

BWD 57788
1986 Honda Prelude 2.0 Fuel Injectors
Autoline 16313

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