Cross Reference part numbers

Reference information handy in one place - part numbers, aftermarket equivalents, circuit diagrams, and more
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Re: Cross Reference part numbers

Post by CrystalPistol » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:27 pm

Thanks, good info.

Just a note, ref batteries, I have the Odyssey PC 680 AGM in both my '97 G-1500SE trike and my '85 GL-1200Asp. I had no "cables rerouting" that needed doing, just a twist and maybe slightly longer SS bolt w spacer as I recall. I had my first PC680 last near 13 years in the trike, still use it as spare for whatever needed. It also fits my generator!

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GL1100 standard headlight unit cross reference

Post by saganaga » Wed Jan 01, 2020 2:01 am

Compiled this the other day based on part numbers. Please let me know of any mistakes, or corrections.

The standard GL1100 has one part number for the headlight assembly (33100-422-671) and another for the headlight case (61301-460-000).

Motorcycles which used the same headlight assembly and case are the following:

1981 CB650C
1982 CB650SC (Nighthawk)
1981 - 1982 CB750C
1982 - 1983 CB750SC (Nighthawk)
1980 - 1982 CB900C

In addition, there's a reproduction headlight that's available that seems to be very similar to the OEM version - compatibility is the same.

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