Mid Ohio Vintage Days

Reports and stories from trips, planning of gatherings, questions about how to get there!
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Mid Ohio Vintage Days

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When I got back into the Goldwing scene in 2007, I was surprised to find so many different forums dedicated to these wonderful bikes.

I think I have joined all of them at one time or another. The main forum for me has always been NGW since, as those that know me will know, the naked Wings are what I know and cater for on my website and that forum is dedicated to them.
But I try to frequent all of them as much as I can, both to glean knowledge from the members and to hopefully offer advice where I can.
But reading between the lines somewhat, there appears to be a sort of inter-forum rivalry that, while not an altogether bad thing, in my view tends to fragment the Wing community to it’s detriment.

Where is this leading? Glad you asked!

You may know of the Mid Ohio Vintage Days event in July on 20-22; indeed I hope you are intending to attend. A fabulous weekend is guaranteed.

http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/eve ... rcycledays

Over the past couple of years, some of the NGW guys have organised a marquee as a meeting place out of the sun, where anyone with an interest in our great old bikes can drop in, have a chat, make themselves known, ask advice on their problems and look at the gathered bikes.

This year is a bit special as many of the NGW ‘Bike of the Month’ and ‘Bike of the Year’ are to be gathered together in one area for you to drool over.

Not only that, but there are raffle tickets for sale for a couple of valuable prizes!
An upgrade Front Master Cylinder and a Spin-On Oil filter Adapter, both from Randakk’s Cycle Shakk.
Well worth putting you hand in your pocket for the chance of one (or both!) of these.

So regardless of where your main forum allegiances lie, the very fact that you are one of the Winger extended family ensures you will be made very welcome.

More information is here on the NGW thread:


The map below shows where the NGW marquee is located at the Mid-Ohio race course.

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