Camping Trip: KY to AK and back

Reports and stories from trips, planning of gatherings, questions about how to get there!
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Re: Camping Trip: KY to AK and back

Post by carlwatson » Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:21 pm

Just got back from anchorage via thunder bay...... 1987 Aspencade pulling trailer. Was a trip of life time . make sure you have new tires, brakes, fuel filter and oil change. From Dawson creek to beaver creek you are going to be on gravel roads with some serious potholes.. About 125 miles of it. Worst is the 50 miles before the Alaska boarder crossing. I took hwy 37 thru the cassair mountains on the way back.. Was great. Get bear spray... Do not camp near rest stop trash containers.... Take good rain gear and warm clothes. Knors side dish meals in the pouches with a can of chicken or spam are fast and easy meals. Get a hydration back pack. 5 hour energy' first aid kit, bug spray...deet 25% or better. Suggest is the rainy will be riding gravel and rain.

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Re: Camping Trip: KY to AK and back

Post by NKYWinger » Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:33 am

Awesome! More details........

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Re: Camping Trip: KY to AK and back

Post by HawkeyeGL1200 » Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:03 am

First, I'd like to add that it I am honored to be in the company of so many of you with so many years Military service.

I work with many veterans, several of which served long enough to retire (Mostly USN Vets) and you have more than earned your retirement.

Second, I believe the age of your motorcycle is far less important than how well you take care of it prior to the trip. I ride an old "rat" that's 30 years of neglect, that I'm trying to get back into reliable shape... all the while I'm riding it daily. If I ever take it off the road to do a few extras, I'd rife it anywhere. The older flat fours seem to thrive on being ridden. Sitting is what kills them. So, a journey that is a series of relatively short hops, over the course of several weeks will probably make the bike run better.

I do not know if fuel in Canada has ethanol added. If not, your bike will probably run a lot better on their gas than it does on US fuel... something to consider, I guess.

Your trailer may provide you with the option of packing a tire with you. I can see space to strap a brand new tire on top, or between the cooler and hard shell, if you thought you might want to take a spare tire. I wouldn't necessarily WANT to do it, but I could change a tire on the side of the road if I HAD to do it. Compressed air would be the only variable I would worry on. One of the cigarette lighter-powered compressors would surely inflate a down tire, but I don't know if they have enough oomph to get the bead seated. I don't know that carrying a fresh tire is worth considering, but I think I saw someone else making a similar trip and they had a spare with them.

I used to carry a 1911-A1 with me everywhere I went. I tucks nicely into the trousers, in the small of my back. A few years back, I put it in a drawer and haven't taken it with me (regularly) since. A ball-point pen is a deadly weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to use it (not me, man) so a person can be creative where personal protection is concerned without risking a trip to prison in Canada. Choosing camping sites well, and bear-proofing your camp site will do a lot more for you than having a pistol that won't do much more than piss-off a brown bear.

Repacking those trailer bearings, or replacing them, based on the experience of others is a very smart thing to do. I have had to make repairs on the side of the road on other people's cars, trucks, and trailers, and there's no fun in that in a populated area, let alone alone the road in a wilderness.

I started reading the blog that Admin posted the link to, and it is very interesting reading. I'm going to have to live the experience through your eyes, as I have horses that require daily attention.. and I can't leave the work to anyone else. I told the Mrs. that I can't retire until the horses are all gone, so my great adventures are on the back burner for the next few years... PLEASE take alot of pictures, and PLEASE take no chances along your way... preparation will allow you to enjoy. It appears you're smart enough to be thinking far enough ahead that there won't be any surprises with your gear. Take you time and have a great trip!
I am wrong as often as I am right concerning what is wrong with someone else' motorcycle without having seen the machine in person. Guessing with limited information, as to the source of the trouble, is sketchy at best.

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Re: Camping Trip: KY to AK and back

Post by Blimpie » Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:18 pm

[attachment=0]AK Start to Finish.

I've read numerous reports here of bikers pulling trailers on long rides and thought I would put in my 2-cents also. Besides completing IBA's "baby-step" rides of 1000mi/24-hrs, 1500mi/36-hrs, and 1500mi/24hrs, I rode my 2005 GW 1800 trike, alone, from Key West, FL, to Deadhorse, AK, during June 2016 in 15 days pulling a 'home-made' camper-trailer. In June 2017 rode a different route from Key West to Homer, AK, in under 12 days pulling a Mini-Mate camper. All of these trips are documented in Iron Butt Association records (
This year, 2018, had planned a ride from Florida to Montana to ride the Bear Tooth Highway, then up to Canada to take on the Coquihalla Highway of 'Highway thru Hell' TV series but plans have been postponed until 2019.
I spent most of my working career at sea... USN 5-yrs, Merchant Marines 25-yrs. Three globe circumnavigations; sailed south to McMurdo Station Antartica and as far north as North Shetland Islands (north of Scotland). Saw a lot of water, but only the top of it.

Ken (IBA #63433) WB5NSM

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