Iron Butt this summer.

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Iron Butt this summer.

Post by WVJefo »

HI all.

Just because, is there really a better reason?? I want to do an Iron Butt SS1000. Saddle Sore 1000 this summer. Thinking Columbus, Ohio to New York City & back. 535 Miles one way. Actually made the trip in a car out of need a decade ago.

I am thinking Mid June. So Two Questions.

1) Any advise? Doing it on a 94 1500 Aspencade.

2) Want to take a trip to NY & see the Empire State Bldg??


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Re: Iron Butt this summer.

Post by CDub73 »

You'll have to let us know how this goes. The first time I heard of the "iron butt" I bought it would be a great challenge and hope to complete it some day. Best of luck to you on the journey.
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Re: Iron Butt this summer.

Post by Viking »

The Iron Butt is a pretty large aspiration. Eleven days - 11,000 miles or more? I have ridden great distances, like 130K miles in 13 months, but I have never even attempted the Iron Butt. We got a dentist lives about thirty miles from me that does it time after time. I cannot even imagine the pain and dedication it must take. Good luck with this huge undertaking.
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Re: Iron Butt this summer.

Post by RoadRogue »

heres a link to the IronButt Assoc. for a list of all the official rules and different length rides 8-)
Ride safe, Todd
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Re: Iron Butt this summer.

Post by kwild »

I'll be doing a Saddle Soar 1000 with a couple of friends that I ride with from (We-ride) Meet-up on March 2nd. Hope I make it...I'm confident the old 1200 will.
Here are the guidelines from IBA for the Saddle soar and bun burner. ... fm?DocID=1

One of our members did his SS1000 in the rain. Here's his blog Now he wants to do the B2B border to border.
Here's what he wrote to our Meet up group...
I received my Iron Butt certificate and buttons and patch in the mail. The IBA processed me incredibly fast. i think its because no one is dumb enough to try this in winter. i noticed on the list of published rides that many people did the ss1000 in November but only a handful did it it December and Im the only one listed in Most of the people who did the ss1000 in nov and dec were from california, florida or texas. The IBA listed my ride as a CA-1000 which is 1000 miles within california. Anyway I am IBA member number 54915. I want to thank We Ride for inspiring me to take on the Iron Butt challenge when i read about the March 2013 planned ride as it inspired me to research the Iron Butt ride and ultimately take on the challenge and finish. Also thanks to Randy Decker for his encouragement and for the late night text when I was on the side of the 101 freeway at 4 am wondering if I could finish.
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Re: Iron Butt this summer.

Post by GRAPEAPE94 »

I have 4 saddle sore 1000's under my butt. Venice, Fl. to Cleveland,Ohio and then a week later the return. My first one was from Cleveland to Venice in the rain. I mean that it started raining about 1 hr south of Akron on I77 and did not stop untill the next day long after I was home. Approx. 1250 miles in 22 hours. With no rain it takes me about 19 hrs.
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Re: Iron Butt this summer.

Post by NKYWinger »

There are a number of guys in my local GWRRA Chapter that have done the 1000/1; I'm not sure I want to do that, but...what the heck....I'm not gettin' any younger! I may end up trying that myself sometime this summer.

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Re: Iron Butt this summer.

Post by mclark38 »

I have a 90 GL 1500 my 18 year old son has a GL 1100 and my boy My wife and I are going to make the Iron Butt around lake Superior in July I bought a air hawk seat cushion which I believe it turned a 500 mile day into a 750 mile day well worth the money hope we can make the trip of 1054 miles.
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Re: Iron Butt this summer.

Post by RoadRogue »

Heres some good advice for those thinking about their first IronButt or any long distance rides. 8-)
Ride safe, Todd
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Re: Iron Butt this summer.

Post by Wingsconsin »

I have a documented SS1000 completed in August of 2010.

I also Completed the Great Lakes 100 Challenge (around all 5 great lakes in less than 100 hours) Completed in July 2012 in 68 hours and 20 minutes.

Read my blog for the SS1000 Day ...
http://neverlost-justexploring.blogspot ... day-1.html

It MAY give you some insight for what to expect....
I will be happy to answer any questions as well....

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