fishing/bikers, NE Ohio

Reports and stories from trips, planning of gatherings, questions about how to get there!
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fishing/bikers, NE Ohio

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I have seen a few sites where bikers have joined forces to travel to destinations with a joint for being togehter. I saw saw those sites go under because it's not alot of chatter to keep a site alive on its own accord.

SO, who fishes?

Would you like to do rides with other Wingers to different waters. These would be a great reason to stay within the boundries of 'Goldwing Docs' as the home base and still be able to share experiences, offer insight and set up trips/rides.

I put the Subject as fishing/bikers, NE Ohio but i'll tell you what. If I knew a few people here were gonna do a trip in PA or Indiana and I had the time....It would be a great way to meet and yet not have to do the planning that a GOLDWINGS DOC GET TOGETHER would require.

No matter where you live, it seems you may be able to muster up a few guys to do a weekend with with a purpose that includes more than just the ride.....But the lifestyle that riding really is.

I hate camping.....but have had a blast camping a few times with other bikers when we did it on a fishing trip.

Anybody interested in discussing this and possibly getting together for this wholesome intent, post some ideas or whatever.

I would love to meet members of this site on these terms.

"Fight until hell freezes over, then fight on the ice"
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