A Beautiful Day riding

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A Beautiful Day riding

Post by Longhaultrucker »

The wife and I took the 92 Aspy for a ride to the Colorado Renisience Festival. We go to this festival every year, sometimes early in the schedule, other times later. They have up front parking for motorcycles and as we pulled in noticed the abundance of HD product and only 1 other Goldwing! Brought a few lusting looks from the women folk who were keeping an eye on my wifes easychair seat. Best part was when we were leaving, several people stopped to take pictures. Old girls still runs good and shines better every year! Only bad part is NO BEER. Hard and fast rule of mine.

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Re: A Beautiful Day riding

Post by tom84std »

That's a beautiful machine! It's gonna get a lot of attention, like it or not. Seems like there's always someone you meet in a parking lot who wants to reminisce about the one he usta have... I like to shoot the bull with guys so I never mind it. I've just begun to ride sober myself. My new hard and fast rule.
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Re: A Beautiful Day riding

Post by maestro319 »

Beer only at home or at the cabin. never before or during driving,...anything...car, boat, bike. ;)
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Re: A Beautiful Day riding

Post by redial »

Good for you! I believe that the concentration levels on a motorcycle are such that you do not want any detraction caused by alcohol, so I am a non-drinker and ride/drive. If I am in a car, I will have one beer, but no more, as you have to look for too many pitstops, and you need to be sober for that.

Besides, they set up "random Breath Testing, in all of the States of Oz, where it is a road block, and you cannot avoid going through and being selected. They even have police in the side streets for "Turners" - those trying to avoid the road block. Every police car has a breath testing kit. Every accident, everyone is breath tested or blood tested, even an involved pedestrian, to ascertain whether drink was involved.

Stay safe, and stay sober.
Len in Kapunda

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Re: A Beautiful Day riding

Post by littlebeaver »

Beer.... Someone say Beer ? :lol: I think it's great that you still get good looks and conversation from owning a pretty machine,, It's a gorgeous bike, I can see that..nobody will ever know it wasn't a new bike either...Yeah the Women love the idea of riding on one too..they don't want to admit it but they do.. .I hope you at least got yourself a good large Smoked Turkey Leg... :D

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