skyline Drive and Blueridge Parkway

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skyline Drive and Blueridge Parkway

Post by Tris »

We are planning, or at least thinking about riding down to Virginia and doing the Skyline Drive/Blueridge Parkway.

Normally I take a week early in September for a week long ride, but in their infinite wisdom, my employer decided I was indispensable for the entire month of September, so no go. I did, finally, manage to book the first week of October off though. However, it's getting a little cold by then to do the ride we had planned which would have taken us up into northern Ontario. So, we are looking south.

Looking for a little advice from anyone familiar with the area. What's the weather like that time of year (beginning of October), and can you recommend any "cheap and cheerful" accommodations. The roads to choose shouldn't be an issue, looks like the area is rife with twisty roads. Though it may be nice to know a few of the local favourites.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


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Re: skyline Drive and Blueridge Parkway

Post by Fatwing Chris »

Can't help you much as we've only done them in July,but I'll bet the colours will be awesome.
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Re: skyline Drive and Blueridge Parkway

Post by mtn_boy1 »

October is a good time to ride them. Expect weather changes (ie. it was 89 degrees F yesterday, 60 today) Leaves won't be changing colors very much by the first week. (Unless we have a dramatic drop in temp between now and then) Speed limit on Skyline is 35 MPH. They charge entry fee. Skyline is 105 miles long. BRP is over 450 miles long, speed limit is 45 MPH, no fee. BRP is open end to end now. Part of it was closed most of summer for roadwork. Since you will probably be coming down I81, I would skip Skyline altogether and just get on the BRP. Look up 'Blue Ridge Parkway' online and you can see and print out a map to help you plan your trip and find things you want to see along the way. Natural Bridge near Roanoke, VA; Floyd, VA; etc are good sightseeing. Check out the map. There are overlooks everywhere. Enjoy your ride!!
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Re: skyline Drive and Blueridge Parkway

Post by Sally »

I did this ride in May sky line was nice but didn't leave enough time to do BRP. So back next year to pick up where we left off. at 35 mph your about six hours on sky line. Sally

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