Trip to Florida

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Trip to Florida

Post by tbruno »

Hello, planning a trip to Fort Meyers Florida from Albany, NY. Anybody have nice roads to take. I plan on using all back roads, no highways. I already been on the Blueridge and skyline. Thanks.

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Re: Trip to Florida

Post by newday777 »

In WVA the old 55 (bypassed) & 28 are great riding. If you're into steam trains stop by the Cass Railroad. There were 3 riders that worked there 2 years ago when I went through in Nov. Great folks there, I spent @3 hrs there talking and warming up by the coal stoves @35° outside that day.
You didn't mention the time of year.

kenny topps
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Re: Trip to Florida

Post by kenny topps »

Try the Old Highway 301 south on your trip. Almost like Route 66..
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Re: Trip to Florida

Post by suvcw04 »

Avoid Orlando like the plaque.
I lived in Kissimmee for 21 years. Trust me.

27 is a nice two lane, west of Orlando.
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Re: Trip to Florida

Post by seelyark1 »

Ditto on highway 301. Lots of towns, but should get you all the way there. Did that run in 1958 with my Mother in a Jeep. I was 12. We called it "Horsey Back Road. If it's still the same, you will know why. LOL But a pretty ride. Ride Safe
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kenny topps
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Re: Trip to Florida

Post by kenny topps »

Seelyark1, Nice name for the road, but it was called Tobacco Road back in the day and the main road from the north to the south . No I-95.
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Re: Trip to Florida

Post by bstig60 »

Highway A1A runs along the east coast of Florida. In many places it runs along the barrier islands between the Atlantic and the Inter-coastal Waterway. It is very scenic, but be prepared to take your time.
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Re: Trip to Florida

Post by moonrunner »

Look at hwy41 through Florida, goes past some nice horse farms and is a lot better than all the lights and construction on 27, plus less truck traffic and fewer red-light cameras
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Re: Trip to Florida

Post by Dogsled »

Did you ever think of going onto Mapquest and blocking all the Toll/higways/toll roads and start to build your trip from there? I just did a quick 2 point location map without any destinations andkeeping you off the roads I listed. That alone was 1900 miles just to skirt the busy costal rte.
You should lay your trip out with this in mind and see how many sites you can veer off of the chosen route. If you show members here what the general route is, locals along the way can tell you the best places that they think are interesting ,which you may want to modify.
(Hey I seen it in the movie, avoid going too far out of your way to see that largest ball of twine....Was that what it was in that Chevy Chase Vacation?) This way you can determine how much time you actually have to do the trip and what sites you might want to include.

What would be really interesting is a blog or posted record of your adventure down, time wise and what you do to get home. The difference with all the sightseeing and 'mocycle adventure roads' compared to the trip there, to the trip to get back, would be interesting.

Lay out a general route and let members here build your adventure

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