Peoria, IL to Burlington, IA

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Peoria, IL to Burlington, IA

Post by erikwillke »

Another short trip but this time I took pictures. LOL

Decided I wasnt' going to sit on the couch when I got home from work yesterday so I rode about 90 miles to Burlington, IA. While on the way I witnessed a pretty cool thing. For about 5 miles there was this undulating line of geese migrating. It wasn't in V formation but like a wave rolling onto the beach. There must have been 5 to 7 thousand of them. Funny thing was when just one would change course they ALL would change course before realizing and turn back around to go the right way. Because of this I was able to watch them for about 20 minutes. No pictures of that though.

310 miles in the last two days. May not sound like much but for someone who lives in boring central illinois right at the tail end of winter it's something.

I have absolutely no regrets buying the wing.

halfway to iowa
halfway to iowa

I pulled over for this one
I pulled over for this one

Finally bought the same bike that brought me so much joy as a kid from the backseat.
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Re: Peoria, IL to Burlington, IA

Post by BigDee »

I've made that drive in my cage a few dozen years ago. We were headed to Peoria from
Burlington when my oldest was about 3 years when she started commenting in that cute childish voice "Lookit all da garbage!" After she repeated this about 3-4 times it dawned on me: she was seeing fields of new corn and trying to say "Look at all the GARDENS!" I think we laughed the rest of the way to Peoria!
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