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Eye Opener

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Hi Folks. Sorry about being MIA for a bit, but I promise to do better now that things are settling a bit here at our new house..

I went on a ride with group of riders a couple weeks ago up through the mountains to Prescott, AZ. We met up with a couple locals there, and also a couple buddies from over in Yuma. It was a great ride, about 350 miles, and we saw some great scenery once we started up into the mountains. I didn't get to take any pictures along the way, cuz these guys were RIDING! All of the bikes except mine and a Victory were Harleys of various flavors, and this ride trashed a couple misconceptions I've had about Harleys and their riders in general. I've always thought that for the most part HDs had issues with cornering clearances, and a lot of the riders were interested more in noise and images. But this is a great bunch of guys that welcome you on whatever you ride. And they, to say the least, really enjoy the curves as much as I do. We really had a great ride, with no sparks flying at all. We went through the town of Yarnell, where those 19 young firefighters were killed last year fighting a wildfire. We stopped to see the Memorial they have started. The unofficial "purpose" of the ride was to meet a guy that lived in Prescott that builds custom bikes, that had a bit of a story to tell; about 30 years ago his panhead Harley was stolen, and although he had a good idea who had it and/or where it was, he couldn't get anybody to do anything about it. Recently through a business closure and sale, he found the bike in pieces and was able to retrieve it/them. He is rebuilding it and is making it a tribute to the Armed Forces.

The pic I've attached above is of the group of us at the Prescott Brewing Company, where they have really good food, cute waitresses, and their own custom brewed beers. I'm on the right in the black t-shirt and black hat. The guy to my right in the leather vest as one of my Army buddies. I found out later in the day that the guy near the left in the white baseball cap is Dave Smalley, who was the bass player in the band The Raspberries back in the early 70s. One of their hits was "Go All The Way" which you can watch here:

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(he's on the left in the blue shirt).

You would never have known that he was a celeb by his appearance (I know, 40 years etc etc), but he had shorter hair, a nice little goatee, wore jeans and riding jacket, and wasn't at all "caught up in himself". He is a really nice guy, very quiet. So that's my claim to fame.

Ron in AZ

PS. Here are a couple more videos of

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   Never miss a video: Subscribe to the GoldwingDocs YouTube channel today!

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Re: Eye Opener

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Great story, thanks for sharing.
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