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A group of Wing riders (5) and 1 Beemer (ride leader) are on an excursion to several Civil War Battlefields. I left home around 6:15 AM on Saturday, May 31st, met up with the group an hour later on the north side of Cincinnati. Then followed our leader to Gettysburg, PA. We spent the day on Sunday perusing the battle fields in the area, bus trip with a guide and the museums and tour rides. Along day of way too much information. But what a visit. This is something every one should do. I would like to think you wold take you children also, but realize that it really is not something many children would enjoy, boredom would take over.
Today we went to Harper's Ferry and toured the area and listened to a very interesting talk and tour of the town with all the notes on history, civil strife and slavery.
Later it was to Antietam to tour those battlefields, listen to talks my park interpreters and watching movies. What a great day.
Tomorrow we move again to Manassas for another day of mental overload as we tour the many battlefield there.
All our Wings (and beemer) are running great and gas is high.
I will try to add more another day.

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Re: Battlefields

Post by suvcw04 »

Went to Gettysburg two months ago as part of a bus tour including Washington DC. I had 3 great uncles, a great grandfather and great-great grandfather that fought with the Union, but not at Gettysburg.

I am in awe of the men from both sides.
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Re: Battlefields

Post by HawkeyeGL1200 »

I've only been to Gettysburg two times. It is definitely a worthwhile trip, if you have any interest in American history.

I took Rt. 15 from Farmville, Va. north, through the Shenandoah Valley all the way to Gettysburg, Pa.

If you do like to visit Civil War Historical sites, the trip (either Northbound or Southbound) on Rt. 15 is a beautiful ride and there are Historical Markers all along the way. The Shenandoah Valley is also a very slow paced kind of road that I enjoy each time I ride.

I would recommend seeing Gettysburg in the cooler months of the year, as it can get very hot there even though it is in Pa... I cannot imagine fighting (for three days in a row) in a wool uniform there, in the early part of July. The men who fought there were made of better stuff than me.
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Re: Battlefields

Post by thecruiser »

Well Dragon, I didn't know that you visited the Battlefields. Would liked to have heard more about your trip when we met in NC.
I think it was in the 60's since we've been there.
Sooooo many places to see in this country. I could turn in my Passport and never leave our borders again. :mrgreen:

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