Dream trip been there or not

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Dream trip been there or not

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Dream International: I would love to do a bike trip in Europe. Spent a little over 1/2 a decade in the Army stationed in Germany. Got to do several weekend trips and few week long trips. By the time it takes me to get accross Texas I would have been through several Countries. Would love to do a two week trip and travel all over especially Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. They drive a little to crazy in Italy for my taste.

So far as the states just this year I took a trip to Pikes Peak in August and still got snow at the top but the ride was real nice other than running out of gas in the Panhandle of Texas. Thank goodness for nice folks wanting to help. Also took a weekend trip to the Texas hill country and rode the Twisted sisters. That was a fabulous ride. Another weekend was the Talimena Trail in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Hwy 1 in northern California was also full of fun and great views. Was stationed at Presidio of San Francisco and had a friend that had a bike. His girlfriend wouldn't ride it so he borrowed my car to go out on dates and when he did I took some nice rides.

Dream USA: Would love to do Deals Gap and the Blue Ridge Parkway someday soon.

Would love to have some new ideas and hear about your favorites.

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Re: Dream trip been there or not

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A few years ago, the wife and I did a motorcycle tour in Europe. It started and ended in London at the Ace Café. We went through a number of countries to include Northern Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, UK, and I probably left something out. We rented bikes me on a BMW and the wife on a Honda. The group we were with had Hondas, Harleys, and BMW.

This trip was not cheap but was worth every penny. I urge you to make the trip and since you have spent some time in Europe you might want to just rent a bike and travel at your own direction. We found most places to be very friendly and the folks easy to get along with. I will forever remember a lunch at the top of Stelvio Pass with a German family on BMWs where the adult son did the translating for us older adults. My one regret the entire trip was that I could only speak English and everyone had to translate.

Europe like the USA is full of great things and places to see as well as a lot of great roads to ride. Deciding were you want to go should be based on what you want to see. Make a list and then plan the ride!
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