Wes's Alaska trip July 5 to Aug 18 2015

Reports and stories from trips, planning of gatherings, questions about how to get there!
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Wes's Alaska trip July 5 to Aug 18 2015

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Day 1 Sunday July 5, 2015
Left Marengo and met up with Leroy in Waldo Ohio at 8 am. Hit a sparrow on the fairing on the way to Waldo.

We did 405 miles for the first day. Camped at RV Heaven on grass on a hill. Ready to leave and I hit a small ditch in the grass and dumped the bike. We rode St. Rt. 23 north to !5 to I-75 to I-80.
Cooler decided it wanted to drag on the pavement for a while.

July 6 Mon

The trailer with 12 in wheels was wagging and pushing the bike. Stopped at a wall mart and changed out the 500 mile 12 inch tires with new 8 in tires. Some one got 2 almost new trailer tires. Bought a new cooler.
Started to pour rain so we ducked in for gas and stayed under the awning to stay dry.
There was another bike there and had a fishing pole sticking out. I asked where he was headed. He (his name was Ladis) said Alaska. He was from Chicago. So we headed out together after the rain stopped.
WE made it to Minneapolis where a former roommate lives in NW part of the city. We took I-80 to I-39. He bought the 3 of us pizzas for dinner. He had to leave for work at 7 am so we got an early start. We had little traffic as we were heading west out of Minneapolis.

July 7 tues

Left Minneapolis and rode to Montana. It was hot and dry. We stayed in a paved Sam's club rv parking. After I took the trailer off I proceeded to dump my bike on the ground again. The 1100 is running real good. Trailer still has a little wag. While riding I felt something hit my left leg. It was my side panel. It had broken one tab. Thank Goodness I had it teathered to the bike.
Since none of us had any room- not even for a can of soup- it was difficult to find a place for the side panel. The back of our site was a fence. Behind the fence was a railroad switching facility. So all night long they were assembling trains.
I decided the hair had to go. So I found a hair salon and got a butch haircut. No more brushes for the hair.

July 8 Wed

Very warm day for riding. We camped at Glendive Montana at Makoshika State Park.
On our ride Leroy's bike flipped to 100,000 miles. We saw Ft. Peck Bridge and dam. It holds water for 131 miles. Met the sheriff
of Circle. Bought groceries and a farmer told us a different route to go. 200 to 19. We turned wrong and went on 24 past tiny butts. We stopped at a dairy Queen and Ladis had a fit. He wanted to make miles.
Stayed at Havre Mont.

July 9 Thur

Ladis left early to get to GNP and get our campsite. Leroy and I stopped at a hardware store for some pins in Shelby. I got some u-bolts to help stabilize the hitch.
It was a very warm day and used the wet vest to keep chilled. We stopped by a mailbox for a P&B sandwich for lunch.
Got to GNP at 6PM and Leroy dumped his bike on a turn in the campground.

July 10 Fri

Leroy left camp at 7am to ride the HWY to the sun. He had breakfast in the lodge. We met up at Logan's Pass 8900ft above sea level. It was cloudy and rainy. We went back to camp to chill out.
Since I lost my camel back yesterday we went for a beautiful ride to wal-mart.We ate at Applebees. Got back top camp and Leroy started a fire as it seemed early but it was light until 11PM. We got a pink slip from the rangers about no locks on our bear cooler.

July 11 Sat

We went to look for locks to keep the rangers happy. We turned the wrong way and found no stores at all. Turns out it was all Indian Reservation. Ladis decided to leave us and go on up to Alaska. At a gas station there was a fed ex truck there so I got to mail my side cover home. It was very warm and all of us wondered if we really needed the jackets and heaters, and all the warm stuff we brought.

July 12 Sun

Left camp at 10 am and went to St. Mary's GNP to meet up with Don. He was the only one who said he would do this back in January. Met up with Don at 1:40pm. We drove to the border of Canada. There were 8 cars in line to go through. We had no problem getting across. About 30 miles into Canada the very top of my camper decided to blow off. The top landed on it's top and did very little damage. The tent went out and looked like a parachute. Don had a couple of ratchet straps so we tied it down to the trailer frame. A little further down the road I noticed Leroy was not with us. So we stopped and waited. Well I had left my trunk unlatched and a tablet that had all my contact info was blowing page by page out the trunk. Leroy tried to recover the pages. He got all the blank ones. So I could not contact everyone in Canada and Alaska.
I had brought my pup tent so we could use it on side trips--so I had a tent for the night.

July 13 Mon

We made it across into Canada. 10 miles into Canada and I lost the top of my camper not on Sunday. We camped at Calgary West Campground. I used my pup tent to sleep in. It was a cool spotty rain. Don, Leroy and I rode to Deer Creek. I still had Steve's and Lori's phone number. Called and talked to Steve. He left work and met us at a gas station. He led us to his house. He told us there is the hot tub, there is the shower, and here is the garage. He left us at his house with full privileges and he went back to work. We proceeded to fix my camper top. Once the family arrived home from work they proceeded to fix us all a very delicious dinner. After dinner they welded hooks onto my frame for the latches to hook into, to keep the top from blowing off again. Then we all settled outside around the campfire and enjoyed the flavors from mother earth. Around 9pm I said it was very kind of them to have us stay at their place but I was extremely tired. At 9 pm up there it is like 4 pm in Ohio. Sun still shining very brightly. Steve said it was also their bedtime also. I woke up about 6 am and took a pic of the sunrise. We lkeft their place around 7:15 am as they had to go to work.
July 14 Tues

We headed out from Red Deere for Grand Prarie. I do not recall what really happened this day. I do know Don wanted to get to the Honda shop in GP before they closed. So he went on and we told him to get a camp site for the night. LeRoy I think went to
Wal Mart to get some bracing for the hitch. We got gas and I went ahead as I did not see Leroy anywhere. I left the gas station and that is when my 1100 would not go over 40 mph without the engine knocking. Leroy zoomed past me and caught up with Don who had a campsite at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park. When I did not show up Leroy came back looking for me.
I was going down the side of the road at 40 mph and the bike just up and seized up. The rear tire locked up and The engine was just plain dead. Leroy found me in the grass bawling my eyes out. All he could get out of me was 2 years of planning and it ends with me taking a bus home.

I was ready to walk away from the bike knowing it was toast. We got the GWRRA gold book out and called several numbers. There were 4 listings who had trailers for help. We got either no answer or I sold my trailer 3 years ago and can not get GWRRA to change my listing. Finally got hold of Ken Purvis. He came out to us on the entrance ramp He had a ball that fit my trailer. He talked me into having the bike towed to AJ cycle's. So I called GWRRA rescue- they would have a tow truck out to the bike. I really would have rather just left it there. Ken would not let me do this.
Meanwhile Leroy led Ken and my trailer to the campsite. When they got there he told Don we would be back sometime. Leroy and Ken came back to me and the tow truck just showed up. Ken told the driver to take it to AJ Cycles. We dropped the bike off out in the parking lot-really hoped someone would steal it. This was about 10:30pm. Ken took Leroy and me to an A&W root Beer stand for some food. He then took us out to the campground. Ken did this all for a very big Thank You. I got the trailer set up and went to bed.

July 15 Wed

It rained during the night. Leroy explained to Don that we would be there for a couple of days and if he wished he could travel on alone. He said he had had enough of sleeping on the ground. So he went off to Alaska by himself and said he would see the motels.

Leroy rode me to the cycle shop and talked to AJ. We looked on the computer on something similar to Craig's list and found 2 bikes with in 20 miles. We went to look at both of them and I really wanted the first bike. It had cb, radio, fairing-BUT NO hitch. 3-5 days to get a hitch. Went to Sexsmith and bought the 98 Valkeryie. Called my wife to send money to The seller. AJ had me sign the title over to him for salvage. He said the first person who needed a 83 part gets the whole bike.
So Leroy and I went to eat at Boston Pizza. Spent the rest of the day at camp.

AJ cycles got the title to the bike and said the first person who needs an 83 part gets the whole bike for the cost of the part. I gave him a salvage title.

July16 Thurs

My wife called at 8am. The bank just wired the money. Should be there in 3-4 hours. So we fixed some bacon and pancakes for breakfast. Leroy lost it and had to take a shower. We had no Loons for the shower (1$ coin). I went around the camp to look for some change. Found 4 loons for the shower. We also discovered electric plugs in the showers so we could charge our batteries for camera, computer, phone,etc...We went back to the cycle shop and AJ let me strip anything I wanted off the bike. Foot pegs, Trunk, Back flashing lights, and misc things. Then we went to Best Buy so Leroy could get his computer fixed. I walked to a bank to change some money into Canadian money. We stopped at Red Wing to have my boots stretched. They gave me a can of leather dressing at no charge. Went to walmart for a laundry bag, soap dish, and other stuff.
Rode back to camp in a drizzle. The money did not come through in 3-4 hours. So we went to bed.

Question was: are there motels up there or is camping the way to go?

If you have lots of money you can do motels. They run anywhere from $75.00 to $175.00 a night. The further remote you are the more expensive it gets. Where as camping ran us usually $18.00 a night. Lot of places to camp so no problem getting a site. Motels you need to get a room by 1 pm or there is no vacancies.

We ate in restaurants of cafes 15 times on our entire trip. We grocery shopped and fixed all our meals in camp. We stayed in motels 3 nights. One after a hard rain all day long. The second was on our way home and we stayed at a casino in Minneapolis(had their prime rib buffet)
and the last night of our trip we moteled it. We wanted to leave early and get hone.

The highest we paid for gas was $5.41 a liter. High demand and no where else to get gas. The rest of the gas was about what the U.S. was paying.

I am getting my notes together to give a detailed account of our events.

We did laundry every 10 days. $2.00 washer and $2.00 dryer for 20 min.

I took 3 pair of jeans and never wore the one pair. 3 shorts. 5 t-shirts . 10 pair of socks and 11 undies. 2 pair of boots , 2 pr tennis shoes, 1 sandals. I wore the sandals at camp daily. 3 long sleeves, pr of long john's which I used when sleeping, and I bought a stocking hat which was very useful. I would have taken 2 rain pants ( only took 1) as the picnic tables were usually wet and the rain pants got worn a lot.

Things I took and left behind included a 2 propane canister heater, a solar panel with light, a pair of tennis shoes, a coleman lantern and couple of other things. I had no room so things got left behind on purpose. Up there you need no lights as it is the land of the midnight sun.

The cb did not work out as the valk had no place to plug it in and really no time to get it plugged in. Yes time seemed like a lot but in reality you ride and get very tired. Leroy and I both said at the start of the trip we both would take 5 min to jot down notes of the day. Well we both missed a lot of days as we were both so exhausted and neither wrote down anything for a couple of days.

Le Roy never needed any extra gas on his 1800. my 1100 and valk both used the extra 2 gal of gas several times, that I carried and one time ran completely out of gas by 6 kilometers.

Here is what Don wrote:

Postby BGunner01 » Wed Aug 19, 2015 4:38 pm

In the previous post I like the photo of "Nebraska to Alaska" duct tape on the yellow GL1800 --- Oh wait a minute that's my bike! :D

I joined Wilcoy02 (Wes) and LeRoy as they left Glacier National Park and we crossed the US border into Alberta together. Our first night together we pitched camp at IAustin's house in Sylvan Lake, AB. All three of us were amazed at the wonderful hospitality of the couple and their family (thank you!) as Wilcoy02 had to make some minor repairs to his newly crafted pop-up camper. IAustin's posted photos were taken as we departed early the next day and everything went fairly well until after lunch. About mid-afternoon Wilcoy's trunk lid came open at highway speed and he lost a paper tablet and some other loose items on an already very windy day. By the time we discussed over the CB radio whether or not to stop/turn around on the four-lane and to finally do so, the papers were scattered everywhere and only a few pages were recovered. As Wilcoy and LeRoy attempted recovery of lost items, we decided that I should forge ahead to Grande Prairie, AB to get to the Honda Shop before they closed for a part that Wilcoy needed and to secure a campsite west of town at Saskatoon Provincial Park. I didn't see those guys again until almost midnite at the campsite when a local rider (found in the GWRRA Gold Book) in a pickup showed up at the campsite pulling Wes's camper and LeRoy riding his own bike pulling his camper. That's when I learned Wes's engine had seized shortly after he limped into Grand Prairie. Not a good day at all for Wes, and he was visibly unhappy and discouraged that some two years of thought, trip planning and effort may conclude with an expensive airplane ticket home.

The next morning, we (actually they) started checking out options and eventually concluded that a good used bike could be obtained locally and adapted to pull Wes's camper so their trip could continue. Of course legal paperwork (titles transfer, acquisition of funds, license transfer, new bike modifications, etc.) all had to be accomplished and I could see that it would take 2-3 days for this all to take place. I didn't have that much time budgeted so I had to part ways with these two great guys whom I had just met, but really liked, and continue the remainder of my trip "solo". They are long time friends with each other so they would stick together no matter what and the tribulations of this trip will certainly strengthen their friendship even more.

I made the Alaska border and on into Tok three days later and those guys hadn't even departed Grand Prairie yet. After Tok, over the next week or so I completed my planned "loop" to Delta Junction, Fairbanks, Denali National Park, Anchorage, Seward, Soldotna, Homer, Whittier, Anchorage (again), Palmer, and back to Tok (again) to officially start my return trip home. I checked daily on Wilcoy02 and LeRoy via this website and their tracker and found they hadn't made it to the AK border yet. Bad for them but good for me as I was able to somewhat surprise them late one evening at their campsite near Haines Junction (where I was "hoteling it") when I pulled in on my bike to say hello. It was great to see them again and to hear how everything had progressed since I last saw them. I forewarned them that the worst stretch of Alaska Highway rough road construction I endured (between Destruction Bay and Tok) was just coming up the next day for them. We parted ways and I've been monitoring their trip with interest since then just as others have. As of this writing, it looks like they're only a day or so from getting home to Ohio.

I had my oil changed midway in the trip at Alaska Cycle Center in Anchorage for about $100 and thought that was fairly reasonable for an OEM Honda filter and Pro-Honda HP4S full synthetic oil with a general check of physical condition of my bike. Nice folks in the Service Department too. There were two other GL1800 tourist bikes in for service at the same time. The first one had blown fork seals from the washboard roads but was able to get his bike repaired that day because they had replacement seals in stock. The second bike had an irreparably punctured coolant overflow bottle (located on the underside of the bike) which I was told is vulnerable to rocks kicked up from the bad roads. The dealer didn't have a replacement bottle in stock and had to order one which meant a 3-4 day stay in Anchorage for the bike's owner. The moral here is that my decision to install a louvered belly protector pan last year was a good one. Also, my new Dunlop E3 tires (inflated to 41 psi front & rear) performed admirably. I'd judge the remaining tread depth to be able to give me 5,000 more safe miles before requiring change. No noticeable tire cupping, handlebar wobble or unusual tire wear yet which I fully credit to the Centramatic wheel balance discs I installed the same time as the belly pan.

My round trip from east central Nebraska to Alaska started July 2nd, ended July 30th and totaled right at 10,000 miles. I now have been to 49 states on my various Goldwings and have just one more state to be able to complete one big item on my bucket list. Alaska was an unbelievable trip which I will never forget. I met so many friendly and gracious people and took in some of the most beautiful, unpopulated scenery in the world. I had a little apprehension before I started the trip but that soon faded as miles accumulated on the odometer. When in Anchorage, I looked at the map and it sure seemed like a lo-o-ong way back home, but that thought diminished too each day as I enjoyed the beautiful ever-changing landscapes and got closer to home. Going south on Interstate 29 from Fargo,ND was very interesting this year as I passed at least a couple thousand motorcycles heading north to intersect Interstate 90 in South Dakota on their way to the Sturgis Rally - not to mention all those being towed on open and closed trailers (shame on them). If you're one of the few bikers who didn't attend, I read they were expecting a million or more attendees for their 75th Anniversary celebration. I'm just fine with my 1-day visit to Sturgis 30 days prior to the start of the main meet.

After a full day of cleaning mud/bugs off the bike and waxing it upon my return, the main damage is a "rear" front fender half which has ever expanding spider cracks all around the three drilled holes used to attach a front fender extension. The cracking is obviously due to the incessant washboard road vibrations. Fortunately, there was no damage when I dropped the bike in slow-motion while making an illegal U-turn on the Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier National Park. All those practice sessions in properly raising a fallen bike at the factory in Marysville, OH years ago and when changing my rear tire really paid off as I was able to upright a fully loaded, top-heavy bike in short order without getting run over or needing help.

Q: Did you have to take your own firewood?

A:All firewood is confiscated at the border. Most of the time their was a ban of any kind of burning as it was so dry. There were 110 forest fires while we were up north. That is why crossing Montana, N. Dakota, and Southern Canada was so cloudy because of the smoke. After a heavy rain they did lift the ban in some places. 1/2 of the provinicial parks has a 10x 10 shed full of firewood for free. BUT you have to have your own axe. The wood is cut in about 15 in rounds and thrown in this bin.
Since it stays light almost all night we would ride until 10 or 11pm. Then when we got off the bikes we were so tired we did very few fires. Almost everywhere we camped you have to have your own water jug. You get water from a hand pump and it usually takes 2 people to fill up anything. One to pump the handle and one to catch the water or on some you had to lift a plunger to let the water come out of a spicket. We used one of those collaspable camping water jugs.

July 17 Fri

Woke up at 8am. Still waiting for the money to be rec'd to get the 98 valkeryie. So we fixed Pancakes and hamburger for breakfast, as the hamburger was getting to the ripe stage. At 9:41am rec'd the phone call that the money was rec'd. I rode on the back of Leroy's bike to Sexton and picked up the bike from Ken. Rode the new bike to the Honda shop to get an extra key-which they did not have. Went to where my beloved GL1100 was at to make sure he was at the shop. He was so we went to camp to pick up my trailer so he could wire the lights to the trailer. Took the trailer to the shop and he wirede up the lights. Decided I would keep the trunk off my old bike and some other little things of the bike. I knew I could not take the engine off to get the c-5 out.

We went to a hardware to get some plates to put the trunk on the new bike. After working on it for an hour to little success- a customer Wally said we could come out to his place and put it on right. Turns out he was only 5 miles from our camp. Went to McD
for Wi-Fi and some food. We went To Wally's to get my trunk put on. There were 3 gravel roads which was a little challenging. He has this huge empty garage with one boat in it. He has a metal shop. He builds really nice metal boats. He looked at the bike and the trunk. took some measurements and proceeded to cut out a piece of diamond plate for some strength. He did a little drilling and Leroy and him got my trunk attached to my new bike. I STILL have my trunk. He would not take anything for his time or materials except a THANK YOU. We rode back to camp Set up the trailer and watched the sun get near the horizon. The mosquitos
decided to pay us a visit for one of the first times on our trip. It was 65 degrees@ 11:15pm and the sky is dusk. High was 77 today and sunny.

July 18 Sat

We slept in till 10am. Leroy rode back into Grand Prarie for things he wanted and to NAPPA for wiring for my bike.Neither of us liked how it was wired up. Since we had been on the road for 12 days and neither of us could find anything we had brought in our trailers. So I stayed at camp and took everything out of both trailers. Leroy got back and spent the rest of the day wiring the bike and trailer correctly. He nor I know electric. He finally said it's getting dusk so lets quit.

July 19 Sun

We got up and fixed some food. Leroy started in on the wiring. He finally said let's try it. It all worked the first time. We were both thrilled. We finished packing the trailers and left Saskatoon Provinical Park at 3 pm. The park had a lot of elderberries for the picking.
It felt good to be back on the road again. We got to Dawson Creek about 5pm. This is where the sign is at that is the very beginning of the Alaskan Hwy. We found the original point in town. Then we found the famous starting sign in a huge parking lot. 5 girls walking by took our pics for us and suggested stops along the way. Stopped at Wally World for a seat cushion as the valk had a very flat hard seat. We went 15 miles to Kiskatinaw Prov Park for a campsite near Farmington British Columbia. The Kiskatinaw River was nest to our camp. It was a warm day of riding and sunny.

July 20 Mon

Got up and rode most of the day. It was a hard rain for 2 hours, and it was the first time I used my Heated jacket and gloves most of the day. The road was very muddy and our windshields were very dirty. We stopped and camped at Wonowon Prov Park. The Bucking Horse River was next to our camp.

July 21 Tues

Woke up cloudy and 61. We fixed bacon, potatoes, and eggs for breakfast. WE left camp at 10am. As soon as we started the bikes to leave it started to rain. It rained all day. Beautiful mountains were being seen by us despite the rain. We made 300 miles today.
We made camp in the overflow parking lot of Liard Hot Springs.

There is a 700 meter boardwalk to the hot springs which are free and very nice. Nice changing rooms, nice bottom to the springs, steps. It was very relaxing and soothing to our aching muscles from riding all day. Fixed Hamburgers for supper. Still raining. We put our trailers side by side and used my camper's side patio for cover of the rain.
Leroy lost his knife. Then he (which he never does) put his glasses in his shoes. After the hot spring soak he put his foot in his shoe and popped the lenses out of their frames of his glasses.
The hot springs really makes you relaxed and we were already tired.

July 22 Wed

Woke up still raining hard. My camper does not leak and everything is still dry in the tent and storage compartment.
Leroy not around. Must be at the hot springs. When he came back he said we are staying here today. He never had a rest since Glacier. He spent time wiring my trailer and riding to get parts while I had my r&r while he did all this. So we packed up and moved across the street to a real camp site.
We fixed 3 huge pancakes and bacon for breakfast. LeRoys blankets and pillow got wet from the rain. We found a dryer which did not cost anything. We visited the springs a couple of times this day.We fixed prime rib for dinner. It finally quit raining. It was damp and chilly. I used my coleman lantern to heat the tent and blankets.

July 23 Thurs

WE decided to spend the morn at Liard Hotspring Provincial Park. Sunny. Went to stock up on supplies.
We crossed into Yukon from Britich Columbia at 7:30pm. We rode to Watson Lake Yukon and found a place to camp.
This is the place of the famous SIGN FOREST. We meta couple who was here in 1994. They found their sign still where they had put it back then.
Found a camp which had firewood. It was 15 inch rounds so that is why they say to bring your ax. We had an ax so we had a lot of firewood and with the rains we were allowed to have a fire. Again they had no running water-- just a hand pump that took 2 people to fill a jug.

July 24 Fri

Temp was low 50's and spotty rain. I ran out of gas in the bike AND the 2 gal extra 5 km from the next gas station in Teslin. Leroy went with the gas can to get gas. Meanwhile another couple on a bike stopped to give me their gas when Leroy showed up with my can full of gas.
We rode through Johnson's Crossing and made it to White horse and camped at Otter Falls 300 mile day. They HAD SHOWERS!!!!

July 25 Sat

I got up and Leroy looked like he had no sleep and very upset. I asked "What's up" ? He said he had lost his wallet. He had looked everywhere not to be found. I know he had it when we got here as he paid for gas with his credit card. But it was gone and never to be seen again to this day (9/3/15). Thankfully he had his passport safely in his bike.

We ate breakfast at the café and used wi fi to try to figure out what to do about his missing money and credit card.
We decided on using a hotel in Anchorage to have credit cards sent to us. They have to have an address to mail out replacement cards.
I needed a new card also as mine did not have a chip and was not usable at the machines.

We rode from Otter Falls to Deadman Alaska. W FINNALLY made it to ALASKA by motorcycle from Ohio!!!
265 miles for the day. We got fuel at Canyon Yukon at 7:15pm.

It was a nice sunny day to ride. The last stretch of Canadian road was NOT suitable for a novice rider of a bike let alone with a trailer. Stone, mud and dust. Very very hard riding. This was a construction and what you hear about construction roads is very true.
We had a lead vehicle through this site.

We made it to customs and Leroy went first. No waiting. I got yelled at for taking pics of the customs area. You are not allowed to take pics of federal buildings. The custom girl had started at this post in Jan and she loves it at this location.
We made camp at Deadman's campground. We had no ice. Since my trailer was unhooked from the bike I rode into the next place for ice12 miles YES miles and not kilometers. They were closed but I was able to get gas at the pump in real gallons and not liters. I got back to camp and had hot dogs and salad for dinner.
This was a new time zone 4 hours ahead of Ohio EST.
We went through Destruction Bay.

!!!!!!!!!!!WE MADE IT TO ALASKA TODAY!!!! 9pm Ohio time.


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Re: Wes's Alaska trip July 5 to Aug 18 2015

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great reading your adventures thanks
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Re: Wes's Alaska trip July 5 to Aug 18 2015

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Cool man,,, so do you think towing killed the engine? The extra weight in the mountains? You had some bad luck, that sucks... :shock:
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I am very curious as to what killed your engine, low on oil? antifreeze? I notice you said it started knocking really bad after you got gas.... Could it be fuel related? could a belt have broke and you didn't know it? What did the plugs look like... A engine like this doesn't just quit, it's something that caused it...I have a visual of about 10 guys snooping around that bike to investigate why it died... I guess you will never know....Gosh dog it man...Sure sounds like a timing belt snapped, maybe a tensioner seized up and broke the belt... That happened on my jeep once.. Glad you didn't crash and burn man....Sorry this happened to you...
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anytime I got above 40 mph it knocked bad. I got about 3-5 miles and the thing just seized up. rear tire, and engine died never to turn over again. It was about 7pm and I knew it was gone. We assume the oil pump went bad or the holes got plugged or who knows what. I did not have any place to tear it apart nor the money to do it. I knew it would be expensive to fix and what the value of the bike was worth it was not in the cards but to just abandoended it.
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Well, I will tell you this much Wes,,, I would have been in the grass crying too...
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Wilcoy02 wrote:anytime I got above 40 mph it knocked bad. I got about 3-5 miles and the thing just seized up. rear tire, and engine died never to turn over again. It was about 7pm and I knew it was gone. We assume the oil pump went bad or the holes got plugged or who knows what. I did not have any place to tear it apart nor the money to do it. I knew it would be expensive to fix and what the value of the bike was worth it was not in the cards but to just abandoended it.
I think you guessed right - that is a classic sound of failure from lack of lubrication. So a failure of the oil pump(s) or a blockage somewhere. More likely a blockage - the oil pumps rarely fail, and if they do, you get a big red light in your face proclaiming a lack of oil pressure.
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Re: Wes's Alaska trip July 5 to Aug 18 2015

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With all its discomfort and a happy ending to boot, your story has an explorer quality to it, the kind in which one should take pride. Great job.
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Re: Wes's Alaska trip July 5 to Aug 18 2015

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I'm glad the trip was memorable, and i regret the morning i rode by your campsite at Big Lake just north of Wasilla and decided to come back after you guys woke up, but you left before i got there, it was a lovely day, i had been out riding around myself since 3 am on two of my bikes, the 93 Goldwing and the 86 Venture Royale. Of course its sunrise st 3 am there and then.

My upcoming trip to Australia starts dec 2, will be in Adelaide the 7th, hopefully i will have many hours of video, i have a SJCAM wi fi and attachments, and if all goes well another Goldwing owner has offered the use of one of his bikes there, blew me away another Goldwing owner doing that for someone so many miles away, i am of course offering to compensate him. And i hope to buy a bike there so its ready for me next time i come back.

Pictures and video is such a nice touch for the few who do not own a bike, cannot ride or wish to share the views of being in another country, i love watching riders in Oz, a bit different from America.
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Re: Wes's Alaska trip July 5 to Aug 18 2015

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Please keep us informed of your trip. Looking forward to this as it is not likely I will ever make the trip down under. Even though it is on my bucket list.

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