trip thru northern California

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trip thru northern California

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I have been invited to a motorcycle rally in Puerto Vallarta in April 2017. This means that I will have to travel through Northern California to get there. What is the earliest in the year that the weather is good enough to be able to ride through California?

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Re: trip thru northern California

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Went to Southern California in early March 2015, but that was a year that had very little snow. This year coming up appears to have snow allocated. There are a few gents on this forum who live in the Grants Pass area who you should correspond with, Twocams is one. Keep abreast of the weather and beeline it through when you pick your window. End March should be not too bad but Mother Nature may have different thoughts on the matter. Good luck on your ride.

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Re: trip thru northern California

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Can't say what Washington and Oregon will do to you, but once you hit California, March and April are pretty good travel months. If YOU are lucky and WE in CA are NOT lucky, there won't be much rain. And from Redding South, the only places you might hit cold or snow is over Tehachapi or the Grape Vine. If you have time, stick to the coast until around Moro Bay then get over to 58 and head through Bakersfield and over Tehachapi and then points South. Temps will be very pleasant most of that trip.
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Re: trip thru northern California

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Some years January, February, March and April are dry and cool but rideable with the right gear in northern California. As has been said so far there's been an abundance of rain down in the lower elevations and snow in the upper elevations, which has been a blessing in that the drought has subsided for now.
Bring rain gear and heated gear for sure.
Watch the weather closely. If you have a smart phone, I watch a few radar sites as well as read the NOAA weather discussion on line to look out a few days to a week ahead, any further and there are too many variables in the computer weather models WX folks use to forecast the weather.
There are weather apps, but they are usually generic and fall short in details. I studied wx for flying so I like details on weather so I can make my own decisions along with what NOAA has put out as their guesstimations.
I have the app My Radar (free) which is a great interactive radar app as you can scroll on the map your route area, it expands larger to see the whole US and smaller to focus into your location plus it gives current conditions on the spots you point the location at at the top of the screen, along with showing the current radar loop at the same time.
It'll also give you notification(very load!) in the event of wx emergencies, warnings and watches when you have your location enabled.

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